A short report on his life, from his birth, to his death. Ay squall_Leonard_WI Knolling Amadeus Mozart was born January 27th, 1756 in Salisbury, Austria. At the age of three, he could imitate his sister, Manner, on the clavier. From age four to five, he studied music with his father and started composing his own music. At age six, he taught himself to play the violin and the organ and also played for the Emperor of Austria. When he was seven and eight, he traveled to many different cities and performed in front of many royalties.

While he was eleven and twelve, he wrote his first piece of choir music and two operas. Mozart could not manage his money. Although he was born into a rich family, he was buried in a pauper’s grave. As an adult, Mozart lived in Austria. His good friend Frank losses Hayden learned and worked on music with him. Mozart called Hayden “Pa Pa Hayden,” like many others of their time. In 1782, he married Constance Weber, and in 1791, had his first son. He died the same year at the age of 35. It was said Antonio Saltier, who was Mozart rival, poisoned him.

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Mozart composed more than 600 pieces of music in his short lifetime. All of these pieces are In different forms such as symphonies, operas, concertos, oratorios, songs, and chamber music. His last completed piece of music was “The Magic Flute”. He was still working on “The Requiem,” when he died so his close friend, Summary, completed it for him based on Mozart notes. It’s a shame he died at such a young age. However, we should all be grateful for all the gifts that he gave to the world of music that we can still take pleasure In listening to today.