Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has to be the greatest composer to ever live. He and his sister were both considered very gifted child prodigies. He started composing music when he was four and he started to write minuets by the age of five. When Mozart was around eight or nine, he started to write symphonies. Mozart also played quite a few instruments. When he was three years old he was already playing the harpsichord. He also was very talented on the keyboard and played the violin very Nell.

Mozart was so naturally gifted when It came to music that when he was linefeed, he was able to recognize the played notes. This was said that he had “perfect pitch. ” Another reason why he has to be the greatest composer Is that he had the ability to write all the notes of the Miseries score from memory. HIS first opera was performed when he was eleven years old. It would only take him about two weeks to write an entire symphony or concerto. How many composers can do an entire piece in such little amount of time? He wrote twenty seven piano concerti, Inch he also invented.

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Mozart was never a very healthy person, in fact, he was offering some sort of illness. I believe that this makes him even more admirable because doing anything when your health isn’t good Just makes things even more difficult. One time Mozart gave a series of twenty two piano concerts and conducted a few of them in a five week period. After his father died he became very depressed and his music turned dark and depressing as well. This makes him great because he Would write from his heart and that showed in his music. He wouldn’t let a setback like his fathers death keep him from doing what he loves which is composing music.

Mozart never stuck to one genre, he wrote many different types of music such as concertos, symphonies, and German style operas to name a few. This shows his versatility and his ability to excel in every piece he wrote. He wrote 626 pieces of music throughout his lifetime. That is more than a lot of people accomplish in there “hole lifetime. Anyone that writes 626 pieces of music must be a brilliant person. From being a gifted child prodigy to becoming one of the best composers that the Nor has ever known, Wolfgang Mozart will always be remembered as a legend like Bob Marble.