Being famous is subjective to what the people want and what they people understand and/or know. I gathered eleven surveys and averaged out their numbers to get the most famous composers. They are in order from 1st to 5th. As the first-most famous composer, Johann Sebastian Bach was consistently first place in online surveys. Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer who lived from 1685-1750, part of the Baroque Period. Bach wrote hundreds of pieces for organ, choir, as well as many other instruments. He spent most of his life as a church organist and a choir director.

Even Bach, one of the famous ‘3 ad’s’ was inspired by other musicians. HIS music combines profound expression with clever musical- mathematical feats, like fugues and cannons in which the same melody is played against it self in various ways. Famous for their intellectual depth, Bach+s pieces and compositions have inspired many musicians such as Mozart. Mozart, one of the most famous musicians ever, was greatly inspired by Bach. He even once said ‘Now, here is something one can learn from! ‘. Bach is often compared to the ‘original’ classical artist is terms of adequacy.

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Beethoven was also inspired by Bach, referring to him as the ‘Ravager deer Harmonies (original father of harmony’) and ‘niche Bach, senders Mere’ (not a stream but a sea’, punning on the literal meaning of the composer’s name). Bach also Inspired Chopin. A not so famous. But prominent figure. Composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Robert Schumann, and Felix Mendelssohn began writing in a more contrapuntal style after being exposed to Bach’s music. At the end of his lifetime, his music was considered old-fashioned compared to the emerging new classical style.

His reputation weakened as a composer, but people today still hear his melodies as inspirational works of art and as theme songs. Three pieces of Bach’s work were Included onboard the Voyager spacecrafts In the form of golden records that were meant to “represent our hope and our determination and our goodwill”. He revolutionized music in the respect that he changed the lives and songs of many who have heard his music. Many pieces of music we hear today are mixed with Bach’s concertos. Ludwig van Beethoven was a close second on the list. Ludwig van Beethoven was born in the German town of Bonn on the 16th of December 1770.

He lived from 1770 to 1827. He, at an early age, discovered he had a hearing disorder that got worse as he grew older. It eventually got to the point where Beethoven could not hear, becoming deaf. This hearing disorder seems to have affected his social life to a great extent. He became difficult to handle in social Interactions and could suddenly burst Into outbreaks of anger and show bad temper where he usually insulted someone, usually apologizing later. After he became deaf, his work became less creative and instead of dramatic, more introvert, showing the signs of an aged, mature genius.

During his life, he was an Innovator, widening the casual knowledge of sonata, symphony, concerto, and quartet, and combining vocals and Instruments in a new way. He is widely known as one of the greatest composers wonderful music that all enjoy to hear. His art reaches out to embrace the spirit of human heart and loyalty to a persons nation. He expressed this in the works of Goethe and Frederica von Schaller, his elder contemporaries in the world of literature, the convincing moral imperatives of Kant, and the ideals of the French Revolution, with passionate concern for the freedom and dignity of the people he wrote to.

He revealed more expressively than any of the musicians before him that emotions and stories could be played strongly through music rather than words of an opera or a song. Certain compositions show the strongest form of the human will in music, perhaps even in art. He painted the pathway for many Romantic period composers, who used his music to characterize most of their music. Franz Peter Schubert was surprisingly before Brahms. I had expected for the famous three Bi’s, Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, to be the first three composers on this list. Schubert came in third place.

Franz Peter Schubert was a Austrian composer who lived from 1797 1828, dying at the age of thirty-one. Schubert wrote opera and incidental music for the theater. The love for his music during his lifetime was limited, but his reputation steadily inclined after death. Today, Schubert is seen as one of the leading composers of the Romantic period in music. He remains one of the most frequently performed composers. Schubert remarkably wrote 1,000 pieces in his lifetime. Over 600 of these are romantic songs as well as many operas, symphonies, sonatas and many other works.

Schubert music is different from any other music. It was written during the change from the period of Viennese Classical style and the Romantic period. It is very expressive, but it lacks the creativity of early musicians such as Bach and Beethoven. Today, with his lyrical and melodically style, he is counted as one of the most gifted composers of the 19th century. Enhances Brahms made fourth place, very close to Schubert. Enhances Brahms was a German composer born in Hamburg. Brahms was considered to be the ‘successor’ to Beethoven by many.

He admired two famous imposers, Beethoven and Schubert, modeling some of his music after their pieces and works. His very first symphony was nicknamed as ‘Beethoven’s tenth symphony’, as first described by Hans von Bowwow. (This nickname is still used in today modern music). Like Beethoven, Brahms had a gruff and pompous attitude, but the people who admired him for his genius, let it pass. He is often considered as both a traditionalist and an innovator, his music is rooted in Baroque and Classical masters. He blended these two styles of music together, blowing away most competition.

He as a master of counterpoint, a method of composition in which Bach is famous, and also of development, in which many good composers are famous for such as Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. Brahms created bold new approaches to harmony, melody and, especially, rhythm. While many people found his music too inexpressive and old-fashioned, he greatly contributed to the style of music. The highly constructed nature of Abraham’s works was a starting point and an inspiration for many composers for many generations.

George Frederic Handel was a German composer in the Baroque period, born in 1685, he same year as Bach. He is regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time, and not Just for his Water Music, and Music for the Royal Fireworks. Interest in Handle;s work had grown over time, becoming one of the most famous classical composers in today’s time since the sass’s. Handel composed forty operas in about thirty years. Some of these operas are considered great works, famous for their arias. His operas are famous for their emotional stories, mostly love, by a composer who had never had such experiences.

Handel lived in the time of Bach and avoided doing he same type of music as him, trusting in his own musical ability to rise to the top. Ere music of both composers, however, sums up the age in which they lived. After them, opera changed from the Baroque style, leaving Bach and Handel as the two leading composers of Opera. Thus, their influence cannot be found in specific examples. Rather, his dramatic and beautiful works leaves Handel+s mark on the Nor. His ability to build large scenes around a single character was further extended in the dramatic scenes of a composer such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Handel’s greatest gift to posterity was the creation of the dramatic oratorio genre, partly out of existing operatic traditions and partly by his own musical imagination. Ere works of both the composer Joseph Haydn and the composer Felix Mendelssohn owe a large debt to the works of Handel. Ere compositions and genius of all of these composers shaped and modeled the music we have today. They have inspired some of the most famous and amazing artists of all time. Even today we hear their music, in TV commercials, and in video games. They are still inspiring people today. For these composers, have all revolutionized music.