Circumstances Intonation Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were both two extraordinary men that had a great Influence In music from the past that still continues Into the current present. Both of theses composers were well known In their time and had great schooling In the musical arts, which contributed much to their success-fullness In their careers as musicians. During the times of both Intonation Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the two composers

Impacted the musical world greatly with the work they have done. Jonathan Sebastian Bach impacted the musical world greatly with the work he has done within the Baroque Era. Bach’s family had very talented musicians that lived in Thrusting and they held great musical positions as well such as; organists, town instrumentalists, and Cantors Nathan Sebastian Bach 1). Bach was surrounded by music throughout his life by learning about his heritage, and by learning about music through his schooling.

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Jonathan Sebastian Bach came from a long line of musicians ND passed on his musical heritage to his children (Examine, Roger, 152). Bach held many positions during his lifetime and even had a period (1685-1750), where he created only beautiful masterpieces. One of those beautiful masterpieces was The Brandenburg Concertos, which was directed by Bach but used the Prince of Cotton’s orchestra to play it because at the time Bach was the court conductor for the Prince of Cotton. The greatest contribution that Jonathan Sebastian Bach had given society Has his musical work.