Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, and all the classical period instrumental compositions. This piece is whimsical and reminds me of a butterfly Just flying through the spring air after coming out of a cocoon. The tone is very warm and bright, listening to the overall allegretto tempo you get excited when you hear the tempo Jump to vice and back down to moderate. This concerto was completed in 1786, which also happened to be a productive and successful year for Mozart.

Mozart was very proud of this piece and even wrote a letter to the court chamberlain. This piece has three movements; the movements themselves are almost poetry. The first movement is the whimsical opening that feels like a dancing butterfly, the second movement is a more mellow tone, which is Just calm and happy. The final movement goes back to the high spirit tempo that Underbelly contrasts the middle movement. I absolutely enjoyed this piece, I find myself rarely disliking a classical piece that is scored for either a piano or a entire symphony.

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I would again imagine myself as Mozart when he worked on creating this piece, to me it signifies that he was In a high point in lift without any complications, the mood of this masterpiece is Just happy. This is a composition I can see letting my children listen too as they crawl around on the floor or as they drift off to sleep, It can bring nothing but calming effects and good moods. Mozart intended this concerto to be associated with tenderness, lyricism, and elegance and he pulled that off marvelously. He also used this In the Needful duet of Don Giovanni.