The music is nothing else to our ears but a confused sound that suffers nothing to be distinguished. Beginning of the drama should not be set to music. 2. What do all 3 documents In MAW 54 have to say about machines? Why are they a topic of discussion? The machine has something that Is surprising. Machines may satisfy the curiosity of ingenious men, who love mathematical inventions, but they will hardly please persons of good Judgment in the theatre. The ancients made on use of machines, but when there was a necessity of bringing in some God.

MAW 62: The Conventions of Opera Series 1 _ What Is the setting of this little story, and how did Golden come to be there? Golden had just been admitted to the bar in his native Venice, but, finding on clients, he spent his time composing a drama ore musical entitled Mammalians. Soon he found himself so deeply in debt that he had to flee Venice. 2. How is he treated by the various members of the gathering? They all offered to lend me their support ; but they suggested that before exposing the Drama to the Judgment of the impresarios, It would be well to expose It to that of my friends. . What exactly were the criticisms of his libretto, and what do these reveal about the reigning conventions of opera series? His work is simple, Drama per musical in itself an imperfect composition, has been subjected by custom to certain rules. Those of Aristotle, Horace, and all who have treated of Poetics, but necessary if it is to serve the Music, the Actors, and the Composers. 4. What forces of the opera series world shaped these conventions? The work Golden made, It lead a new style of music. MAW 63: Opera Audiences in tech.

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Italy (Naples, 1765) 1 . What did Neapolitan go to the opera to see and do, primarily? See King;s Theatre, where the serious Opera is performed, and of two smaller theatres, called Theatre Novo, and the Theatre del Florentine. He also see the dirty king of a play house, where they perform a comedy every night. 2. What did the writer admire most three boxes so occupied, in the same night. The impresario, or manager, is bound to ‘ere bad terms, so that his profits are inconsiderable, and sometimes his is a loser.