My uncle loves almost all kinds of music. I want to do something really special for him this year for his birthday since he Is turning fifty! I think It would be pretty cool to have a special piece of music composed In honor of him at his birthday party since he is so fond of music. My uncle has three favorite composers which of Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. I think I may write a letter to Beethoven’s agent because out of all three composers, he happens to be someone my uncle enjoys and listens to the SST.

Ludwig van Beethoven is an extraordinary composer. One thing that is very interesting Is that at a very young age he composed his first original symphony. He was a child prodigy and I think that may be a reason I enjoy his music so much. Another extraordinary think about Beethoven Is that his hearing was deteriorating but yet he still wrote such beautiful music. The Fifth Symphony is my uncle’s favorite composition. It “brings musical forms to the triumph of art over death, fear and pain. ” (P. 908) The reason I am choosing Beethoven is really because of the meaning Enid the Fifth Symphony.

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My uncle suffered a major stroke almost a year ago and when this happened he experienced fear, pain, and almost death. He lost all feeling In his left arm. He had a fear of losing functions, a fear of never seeing his family and a fear of death. He was In pain throughout physical therapy and he felt pain as he was having the stroke. He did not die, but he was close to it because if would of waited any longer, he would of become brain dead. He overcame his fears, pain and death and was triumphant as he succeeded through physical therapy and regained a aroma life.

My uncle and this symphony have a lot in common and that is the reason why I would want Beethoven to write the special piece for my uncle. Beethoven’s music Is very beautiful and something that regardless of the culture would enjoy! “Although Beethoven wrote many beautiful and lyrical melodies, another radical innovation of his music, compared especially to that of Mozart and Haydn, is his extensive use of forceful, marked and even stark rhythmic patterns throughout his compositions and, in particular in his themes and motifs, some of which are primarily rhythmic rather than melodic. (“Beethoven,”) Compared to Mozart, Beethoven used stark rhythmic patterns. One interesting part of the Fifth Symphony Is that It “ends with one of the longest, most thrilling conclusions Beethoven ever wrote. ” (P. 908) Beethoven seems to be a good choice for my uncle’s birthday celebration; let’s hope his agent can be convinced. Mozart and Bach are both wonderful composers, but just do not compare to Beethoven in my eyes in regards to the situation at hand. Mozart did write his first original composition at a ere young age as well, but the meaning of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony has a special Mozart.

I happen to enjoy Mozart a little bit more, but it is about my uncle. Mozart does have a lot to offer, but his “music was generally regarded to as overly complicated, too demanding emotionally and intellectually for a popular audience to absorb. ” (P. 821) Mozart in my opinion does not have an emotional connection to my uncle as Beethoven does. “Mozart best music has a natural flow and irresistible Charm and can express humor, Joy or sorrow with both conviction and mastery. (“Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,”)With that being said, Mozart does seem to be fitting as well, but I am going to still go with Beethoven.

Johann Sebastian Bach had a lot happen to him as a child, but that did not stop him from composing wondering music. Again, the reason I am choosing Beethoven is because of the emotional connection to my uncle, which is no way meant to insult anyone. It is very interesting to see that Martin Luther was once a pupil of his. “He was described as having an uncommonly fine treble voice. ” (“Johann Sebastian Bach,”)With that being stated, it Nas very tough choice between Bach and Beethoven. The reason because is because both Bach and my uncle suffered, although in different terms, they still both suffered.

All in all, all three composers put up good points and a good fight to make it such a tough decision! For starters, Beethoven’s meaning behind the Fifth Symphony is exactly what my uncle felt when he had his stroke. Next there is Mozart and although he a little bit younger that Beethoven and Mozart when he wrote his first original composition, there is Just no connection emotionally to my uncle. Finally here is Bach who suffered Just like my uncle did, in a different context, that emotional connection is Just not as strong. Each composer has great aspects of their music, which honestly made it a tough choice as well.

My choice is Beethoven because of the emotional connection that I see between the Fifth Symphony and my uncle. Although this day and age is a lot different compared to when Beethoven was alive, there is always room for classical music. Since the Fifth Symphony is a composition that has an emotional connection to my uncle; that is the composition hat I would like to have the special piece be based off of. The reason I am choosing the Fifth Symphony is because of it “bringing musical for to the triumph of art over death, terror, fear and pain. ” (P. 08) There is so much I would want to be included from this composer’s style and this composition in particular for the new music. For starters, the fact of having a majestic C is very interesting and something I feel should be included. There are instruments in this symphony such as an oboe, piccolo, double bassoon, woodwind sections and a trombone that really makes this symphony unique. Over and over again it seems as if the symphony is about to end, but instead it only gets faster and faster, until it finally comes to a rest of the single note C, played fortissimo by the entire orchestra. (P. 908) With that being said, I Mould want something along those lines for the special piece of music for my uncle. In order to understand what emotions are generated by this symphony, I am going to listen to it to understand it and hopefully achieve the “feeling” that I want my uncle to feel as well. I am going to listen to the first movement in the Fifth Symphony. While esteeming to this I had all kinds of emotions. At first I feel anger because of the loud tempo. I feel afraid. I picture thunder and lightning.

I picture waves crashing, I picture nature at its worst and that is only within the first two minutes. As the tempo sadness as the tempo drops very low and the very high. I pictured the death of my dad and my first break-up. Towards the end of the symphony, it is more upbeat and happy. It makes me feel as if I have overcome my feelings of being afraid; being sad and the feelings of Joy and happiness prevail. I want my uncle to really “feel” his motions to the point where he is happy by the end of the song that he cries.

I really Ant my uncle to feel fear, pain and death. Fear in losing his life, fearing in losing his family and fear in loosing movement. Pain that he felt as the stroke happened, the pain our family felt, pain of losing mobility. Although he did not die, I want him to feel the emotion of being close to death and the thought of meeting God. The reason want him to feel this is to then feel Joyous and happy because he was triumphant over everything and the fact that he is happy and alive. I want my uncle to be artful for everything he has and to not take life for grant it.

To whom it may concern, My name is Victoria Campbell and I am writing this letter to you to ask if Beethoven could write a special piece of music composed in honor of my uncle which would be played at a family birthday celebration. My uncle actually has a lot in common with the Fifth Symphony. The music brings the form of triumph over death, pain and fear. My uncle recently suffered a major stroke, and lost all feeling in his left arm and has trouble walking sometimes. The days have gotten better for him, but he does not me happy.

I am hoping that if this special request could be done, it may help him actually be happy. Now, I am not writing this letter out of pity or anything of that nature, I am Just asking for a special request that is all. I will pay anything you would like Just to make my uncle happy. Please consider this because it would mean the Nor to my uncle because Beethoven is one of his favorite composers. I narrowed it down to three composers and I ultimately chose Beethoven because of the emotional connection between the meanings of the Fifth Symphony and my uncle’s experience.

There are certain elements I would really like to see in this new piece such as a Majestic C and also all of the instruments that were included such as the oboe, piccolo, double bassoon, woodwind section and trombone. My main goal to have this done for my uncle is to have him triumph over his experience and triumph over his fears, pain and death, as I want him to be truly happy and truly grateful for his life and family. I feel that Beethoven is so perfect for this composition because he is a brilliant artist and is very intriguing. Also, I know he is capable of anything he puts is heart and mind too.