Fetishistic Mozart Knolling Amadeus Mozart was born on the 27th of January 1756 in Salisbury, Austria. He began taking piano lessons from his father, who was a musician at the age of four and he began composing when he was five. In 1762 his father took him to Munich and Vienna to introduce him to the public In Vienna Mozart played for the Emperor of Austria and it was around this time that Mozart learned to play the violin and the organ without having lessons. In 1763 he traveled to Paris with his family, and he had his first compositions published.

Mozart was constantly traveling, and before he was 25 he had seen most of the major cities of Europe. When he was visiting England in 1763, he composed some sonatas for the violin and the harpsichord. He also composed a number of symphonies. He was only eight. In 1769, on a visit to Rome, Mozart went to hear the Sistine choir sing, and when he got home, he put the entire Nor on paper from memory. Mozart father was in service to the Archbishop of Salisbury for most of his life, so Mozart was appointed concert master to the archbishop for a small amount of time.

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