Throughout time there have been thousands of composers and millions of pieces of music created by these artists. To list all of these great people would probably take a lifetime to do. So with great pains, I have narrowed my list down to Just five; John Phillip Souza, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Gershwin, Frederic Chopin and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Stars and Stripes Forever by J. P. Souza performed by the U. S. Marine band is a arching tune used by high school, college and military bands.

The song has heavy percussion beats to help musicians keep In step with the music. The melody Is very strong so that the band can be heard from a distance. The tone and texture of the piece Is very Blvd and demand attention from the audience while being played. Even though this piece Is demanding and exact, I Like that It flows easily and makes me want to follow along with the band. Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin is a slow yet quick easy listening blues piece. It has complex syncopated rhythmic movement with very little dead areas.

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It is minor key driven giving the melody more emphasis. The texture has lots of dynamic highs and lows that keep the listener entertained. I like this piece of music because it is suspenseful, but gives away its own answers. I have listened to this piece many times as well as others of Gershwin’s. He is truly a remarkable composer. The Double Harpsichord Concerto in C Major by J. S. Bach performed by David Garrett Is a relatively smooth Baroque piece. In this arrangement, one of the ripcords Is replaced by a violin.

To me, It Is Like listening to a conversation between good friends. They speak to each other so easily and compliment the other one. The tone between the harpsichord and the violin move like a knife through butter. I really like how mellow the rhythm is. I just want to kick back and close my eyes and let the world float away. Revolution Etude in C Minor by Frederic Chopin is a technical masterpiece of the Romantic Era. Both his melody and harmony in this piece is so elaborate that sometimes it is hard to follow along.

The tone to me seems kind of dark or violent. It makes me feel like I am in the middle of a melodrama and this is the music for the moustache twirling bad guy. Even though I find it a pleasant piece, I do not find it calming. I feel rather tense and am anticipating the end of the piece, like the end will never come. Last but certainly not least Is the Marriage of Figaro, Clarinet Concerto Move. 1. By W. A. Mozart. This classical piece Is very lighthearted and bouncy. When listening, I can picture ballerinas all over the stage floating through the air.

The harmony and of fact and leaves the listener knowing that the story is done. The violins set an upbeat tone that invites the listener to stay longer. I really am fond of this piece and love that when it is over, I am feeling good and I am ready to hear more. It really was very hard to decide who I would critique. I am extremely fond of all these composers and their music. There were so many that needed a voice, but maybe another time. One great pleasure in my life is that I get to hear them regularly as I work, study or play.