To choose only five music pieces to describe, my experience to was not easy. I have found that my total experience to these types of music in general is that I truly enjoy it. Until now I never showed much interest into it because, was not sure what I was listening to. I have chosen to limit my descriptions to Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Vivaldi. You will be able to understand the music that I describe here, and possibly gain more enjoyment after reading this paper.

Bach Suite No. L Prelude in G minor; performed by George Martens, this piece of music was created in the Baroque time. The music played, without any sheet music, the rhythm starts out slow and then speeds up then repeats. The melody is very precise. The harmony is very stern, to calm back to stern. The texture in this piece of music Is goes from a very low note and played there for a long while and then works up to higher notes towards the end of the piece I liked this piece of music; It was very catchy and soothing.

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Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 In D Minor, Pop. 1 25 This certain piece was conducted by Molt Vice, and performed by the Leipzig Secondhand Orchestra. Beethoven created music in the Romantic musical era. The rhythm of this song has very short, and fast starts, and abrupt stops. This song is dominated with the brass sections, and supported with wind instruments. The harmony is seems to disagree with each other, it’s like there fighting to take control. The melody is very fast angry like. The texture is very broad in this song.

I liked and disliked this song, I like the soothing parts of it but not too fond of the angry portions. Vivo Phosphoric performed Beethoven’s Fur Elise, this piece. This song’s creation Is In romantic musical era. The performer played the music from memory. The song rhythm has several changes In It. It goes from a steady pace, to fast, and then slow. The texture of the piece Is a sad, but steady feeling tone. The melody of the tune Is very precise, Is has long fast tones then short slow tones. The Harmony in the music works well together, there are not abrupt changes.

I enjoyed this music; I was able to actually wave my hands with this song. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- Piano Concerto No. 21 – Andante. This music was created in the Classical music era. The rhythm in this song, starts out slow and sleepy and, then abruptly changes to a fast pace. The texture in the song as good changes between the different speeds of music but the song is sad. The harmony in this song does not work well. I do not like the way the song changes. I have stated that this song and is sad and depressing, I do not care for this song very much.

Vivaldi Four Seasons Spring conductor Lamberts Garfield. The texture In this song Is at a medium pace, the music has several deferent types of musical Instruments. This musical piece was created In the Baroque musical era. The rhythm of this song Is fast and slow I do not hear too many repeats In the music, except for the chorus. The harmony with this music is very orderly, I like the there sets of music in the song. I like the beginning of this song very much, but towards the end, the song becomes very slow and depressing.