Fanny Mendelssohn Hansel and Ludwig van Beethoven Inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven and the ideas of Romanticism, the new group of composers in music were born. One composer, Fanny Mendelssohn Hansel, grew to love composing music, like Beethoven. The child prodigies both delighted in learning and performing music at a young age. Hansel learned music from many different teachers, but Beethoven was taught by more known Instructors. Although the two composers both lived In Germany. Hey created very different compositions. While Hansel and Beethoven have many differences between them, there are also molarities, which are sometimes over looked. Music was always a large part of both Hansel and Beethoven’s lives, beginning from when they were children. The composers grew up only four hours away from each other, yet in both households, they were composing music at a young age. The first person to teach Beethoven music was his own father. Hansel first teacher; her own mother.

At the age of twelve, Hansel started writing her own music, while Beethoven was composing by eleven years of age. These composers started writing at a very early age, proving that they are musical geniuses. Considering the many teachers the composers had, it loud explain how they could create such beautiful music. Beethoven had many noteworthy teachers while Hansel was taught by many lesser-known, but Just as talented, educators. Once Beethoven’s father’s teachings had reached It’s end, he was taught by Cotton Neff.

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Neff taught mainly the organ and compositions to Beethoven and made a comment saying that “If he continues like this, he will be, without a doubt, the new Mozart” Although his teachers helped him greatly, Beethoven gave his first performance before any educator had taught him, when he was seven and a half, at Cologne, a large city in Germany. Her parents first taught her what was normally expected from a child, but later Hansel was taught by tutors the aspects of music. Some notable teachers that Hansel studied under were Marble Bigot, Ludwig Berger. And Carl Frederica Seltzer.

Hansel only performed once In public when she was twelve years old, from memory. Although she was very talented, Handel’s father demanded that she never play music for a living, but maintain the role of a normal woman in their time. Hansel obeyed her father, but Felix Mendelssohn, her younger brother, was willing to help in her career. Mendelssohn was also musically lamented and performed for the courts, sometimes playing Handel’s works that she composed. Once when Mendelssohn was performing for Queen Victoria, she was very impressed and mentioned that the work “Italian” was her favorite.

Mendelssohn then admitted that that was his sisters work. Hansel often composed lieder, bagatelles, fugues, preludes, sonatas, and choral and instrumental ensemble music, showing her versatility of music that she could perform and compose. One of her more famous works; “Oratorios nacho den Builder deer Bible” was a cantata. Another example of Handel’s compositions Is one of her lieder, “Swan Song”. Beethoven, mantas, symphonies, songs, quartets and more. He was almost completely deaf when thieving wrote his third to eighth symphony.

Many of Beethoven’s works are more famous than Handel’s, but his most famous symphonies are the fifth and seventh symphonies. The many works that Hansel and Beethoven wrote were different than each other’s, but Beethoven is often known to help inspire the Romantic period composers. These two composers inspire many others to write and perform music throughout the world. There are many similarities between the two composers, even f Beethoven died only twenty-two years after Hansel was born. The two were great imposers and musicians starting in childhood, increasing their knowledge of music early on.