When you hear the words “classical music,” the first composer that many people the Ink of Is Beethoven. Can you think of any reasons why this Is so? If one says “rock muss who is the first person you think of and why? 2. In the 19th century, the “lied” or art song was a very important development. The Ii RISC to these songs frequently dealt with disappointment in love, with the beauty of n tauter, with magic. In today’s songs, what are some of the themes being sung about? 3. The piano became the single most important instrument of the 19th century.

Which instrument would have this distinction today and why? 6. Listen to Schubert “Erelong. ” Why is this sometimes called a “mini- opera? ” Excluding the narrator, list the other three characters in the “Erelong,” and De scribe how Schubert has portrayed them in the music. 1. For my experience, I have taken music classes since my primary school, at the first beginning, teachers taught us the fundamental knowledge Includes Influential famous musician. The most emphasized Is Beethoven. I think everyone cannot reject the first knowledge deeply built in his mind in childhood times.

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As for rock music, hat will remind me of Less Baxter, who was the first guy to take Rock and Roll into the Top 40, which gave me the first Impression of Rock music. 2. I think the themes of lyrics of songs dealt with disappointment in love has been developed and become a tradition of current songs. Today, the pop music are still Involved around love, breaking hearts, and yearn for love. The reason for this, In my opinion, we are human. We need that love feeling to touch the nature of the world. And make our lives better and unique. 3.

Piano has large array of keys and diverse spectrum of octaves and notes, which aka It capable of conveying practically and type of felling or musical Inspiration. Hence, it possess the ability of occupying the role of the single most important instrument of the 19th century even though it is unwieldy and non portable. In current times, some instrument like violin with Identical or similar complexity. Besides, violin Is much smaller, higher pitched. Some other members of violin family of string instruments includes viola, cello, and doubles. Many advancements in instruments change the monopoly of piano. 4.

Because the form of Erelong Is through-composed(ever changing accompaniment wrought the piece). As we know, through-composed Is a musical term with a variety of different meanings. Depending on the context the term can mean either music that is completely non-repetitive, music that is not interrupted by dialogue or music that is composed In linear order. [1] The term through-composed Is also applied to opera and musical theater to Indicate the extent of music. Some we can say, Erelong Is a little-opera. The other three characters are Reeling, Child, and Father. Reeling has two distinct styles. One is distinct, which make the melody sounds

Child, and the simple rhythm, which Reeling want show his nice to the child. The other style is more insistent and angry. Child uses high pitch. Repeated lines, like ‘my father, my father” is mostly used in main characteristic. The pitch is rising with each singing, which represents the growth of anxiety of the child. Eventually, the Child is nearly screaming. The tone is only raised one half, which suggests the weak of child to shout any more. At the beginning, the singing rhythms are simple, but gets more anxious. Father uses lower tone. His tone rises toward the end, because he is coming alarmed for his son.

Rather, the key modulates C minor, as far as possible from the home key of G minor, adding to the feeling of stress. [2] 2. Please listen to the first movement of Beethoven’s “Symphony #5. ” What is it that makes this music so forceful ? (Hint: it isn’t Just because it sounds louder) How would {oh compare it with the Symphony of Haydn we listened to in a previous chapter? Ere Symphony 5 is in C minor. Beethoven bends sonata form to his most famous classical composition almost all the time. He takes the smallest of motives, which is horn short short long and employs it as a unifying device through the first movement.

Imitations and sequences are used to expand the theme, these pithy imitations tumbling over each other with such rhythmic to form a single, flowing melody. Shortly after, a very short fortissimo bridge. Which presents in a forceful and dynamic fashion. The first movement, provides challenges to sonata form. On second hand, it starts out with two dramatic fortissimo phrases, the famous motif, which commanding the listener’s attention. Ere first movement opens with the four-note motif, which is one of the most famous n western music.