Mozart Life In comparison to the movie “Amadeus Mozart was a supreme melodist and is one of the most popular classical composers of all time. “Mozart” Is practically synonymous with elegance and grace. The film Amadeus was a great; it showed in-depth adversity about how things were for Mozart during his time. Like his clothes, and the way things were established in the seventeen century. It was a reviewed time and time again as a 5 star, although was the film really historical accurate? In truth the film isn’t as accurate as may seem.

Most of the facts are true, like Mozart personality and music, but the storyline Is dad to be much more Interesting for the film. The problem with Amadeus Is that It lust Isn’t history. In the beginning, when Saltier first meets Mozart at the archbishop’s residence, you hear him the background saying “that night changed my life”, but the whole scene there was sunlight coming through the windows. Also Amadeus and Stanza had six children, only two of whom would reach adulthood, throughout the movie we only see one child, a son, through out the movie.

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During a game Mozart Is dared to play a little tune In the style of Johann Sebastian Bach. This Is In fact an error, because nobody could remember Bach In the late seventeen eighty. In truth he was completely forgotten about when he died seventeen fifty and remained forgotten until Felix Mendelssohn Birthday discovered some of his work in the early eighties. It is possible that Mozart knew Bach, but it is very unlikely that normal people, without thorough musical training, knew his name.

Also considering the party he was at and the fact that everyone was shown to be drinking heavily so for them to remember a musician that was hardly know by experts? Mozart was asked to play Handel’s style. He waves dismissively. Saying “I don’t Like helm”_ In fact, Mozart greatly admired Handel, who was a key part of his studies. At quite a few times during the movie, there was a harp shown in the background of shots, like in Salaries studio. The harp shown has pedals on the bottom and a space for pedal levers inside the neck.

However, the pedal harp was not developed until around eighteen-ten and Mozart died In seventeen ninety-one. In expressing his delight when the production of Mozart opera “The Marriage of Figaro” Is doomed In Vienna after the Emperor yawns during the performance, old Saltier remarks to the priest hat Mozart “was lucky the Emperor yawned only once. ” However, there are actually two yawns in the scene. Looking closely, we can see over Mozart left shoulder the Emperor, sitting in the front row, yawning over a minute before the yawn that is noticed by Saltier and his cohorts. L read this online by the way, I didn’t see the yawn the way this Is described) While Saltier and Mozart were rivals In some respects, he did not pay Mozart for a requiem that he could pass off as his own. Someone else did that – although no one is completely certain who it was. Also did he have anything to o with Mozart death, as it was the result of natural causes. What was missed out in the Movie? Before Mozart death, Mozart was obsessed with the idea that rivals who had commissioned the Requiem were poisoning him.

Mozart worried that was being paid to write the Requiem for himself. Modern historians have discounted Mozart fear of being poisoned and they say his suspicions were caused by depression and not the person who helped Mozart complete the Requiem. That was Summary. In Amadeus, Mozart died with his eyes open when in fact he had passed out a few hours before he died so he would’ve had his eyes closed already. And finally, Constance was not at Mozart funeral, she got sick and couldn’t go.

At the grave the lime is shoveled over the bodies then the shovel is put back in the barrel when in the movie the shovel was not put back in the barrel. Well that’s how it is shown in the last shot of the movie. Now here are some fun facts about Mozart to fill the rest of the page. He was short like 54 rather thin, pale, and his face was pockmarked from a childhood illness. He loved fine clothes and good food, and was generous and good- humored, according to contemporary accounts. Mozart belonged to a Masonic lodge, ND wrote some great music for it.

His opera The Magic Flutes publicly performed, but it has Masonic philosophy woven into it. The British Library mind-blowing ‘Turning the Pages” feature, in which you can turn the pages literally, of Mozart music diary sounds awesome right? I plan on one day visiting and taking a dip into that book. In the real-live real-time library in London, you can turn the pages using {Our hand, but online you use your cursor. It’s one of those techno miracles that is North experiencing. Plus, Mozart diary is simply exquisite. Definitely worth spending few hours on, it includes audio files.