Mozart, known for being a musical genius since his childhood, was a brilliant composer of symphonies, concertos, and chamber music. Even after his death in December 1791, Mozart is still among one of the most popular composers to be written of. Mozart: A Life in Letters is a fascinating book that includes a set of his letters, providing a new understanding of his life story including his marriage, his relationships with his family, his compositions and performances, and more.

This book not only shows what his life was Like as a musicals but also gives the readers an opportunity to discover what his common life was like throughout his letters. According to the Introduction, this book contains over 100 of Mozart surviving letters. It has notes from and to Mozart; the translations are very stimulating, easily bringing the personality of the composer back to life. In this book, Mozart goes from being a boy to a young man and composer.

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The book is organized chronologically and provides biographical Information that Glenn each letter some background information. There are several valuable footnotes as well as a couple of maps listing some of Mozart travels. The editor has even provided some information on the value of the currency in order to help the reader discern the discussions of payments In the notes. It easily will hold the Interest of the audience throughout every letter If they have any curiously toward Mozart and what life was Like during that time period.

Cliff Essen, the translator and editor of this book, Is to be applauded on this mastery. Though Mozart letters have been well studied, this book will definitely bring a new twist to his life and compositions to light. Although the composer was somewhat carefree in his younger days, Mozart letters undeniably demonstrate that he was also a very thoughtful and a passionate person being who enjoyed life Just Like anyone else. In this book, readers will get to know a man who wanted to be loved and to lead a full life in music, only to die at only 35 years old.

Mozart letters proves that for most of his life, he sought a desired session as a court composer in Europe which would guarantee a steady demand for compositions as well as an impressive annual salary. Despite his relentless determination and amazing talent as a performer and composer, Mozart never received the court post he so desperately wanted, and this lack off steady income pushed him deeper into debt during his last few years. Considering his financial problems and the other demands In his life, the quantity and quality of the work he produced during his final year Is quite impressive.