Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27th, 1756; In Salisbury Austria. Born with the full name Johannes Chromosomes Wolfgang Audiophiles Mozart, he quickly shortened it to Wolfgang Mozart by his early teenage years. His father, Leopold Mozart, was the assistant concert master in the Salisbury royal court. While his mother, Anna Marl Pertly, was born Into a family of wealthy community leaders. His sister Maria Anna, was given the knick;name of “Manner”.

By mimicking her playing on the harpsichord, Mozart developed a strong concept of chords, until he was also playing alongside of her. Mozart started playing the violin when he was four years old, and was composing his own music by his fifth birthday. When Mozart became SIX, and when his sister was eleven, Mozart father started on their “tours” across Europe to showcase the duo’s young prodigal talents in 1762. They stopped in Paris, London, The Hogue, as well as Zurich. When Manner became of age to marry, Mozart obtained the shot that kick-started his career.

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When Mozart became thirteen, he was appointed assistant concertmaster with a small salary In the Salisbury court. With this he was given the opportunity to compose symphonies, string quartets, sonatas, serenades, and a few operas. During his tours with his father, he held a meeting with Johannes Bach, who was Interested with the young prodigy. They quickly became teacher and pupil. But at times, roles would switch. The lowest point of the trip was when Mozart mother died on July 3rd, 1778. However, the sixth year after 1784 became the most promising for Mozart, in which e appeared in 22 concerts.

During this time he composed many famous pieces Including The Coronation Mansard the Clarinet Concerto In A minor, as well as many minor pieces for soloists. However, this time had to come to an end. With the poor salary, he complained his troubles to the Salisbury ruler, which inferred an abrupt striping of his title and an immediate exit of Salisbury court. He moved to Vienna and worked as a freelance Musician. After a while, money began to run out, HIS father pleaded for a position for his son, and after a while, Mozart was soon back in is old position, but settled in Vienna.

Mozart met Castanet in 1781, He was under suspicion to marry her by the end of the year. He denied the idea for a while, but he was asking permission of her father by December 1871. They announced the marriage In January 1782 and by August 4th, 1782, they were married In the royal court. The couple settled down in a lavish apartment in Vienna. They had six children, but only two survived past infancy, Karl Thomas and Franz Xavier. During the period from 1790 to 1791, Mozart composed many of his most famous pieces.

The pear The Magic Flute, the final Plano concerto In B;flat, the Clarinet Concerto In A minor, and the unfinished Requiem to name a few were written during this time. In 1791, Mozart conducted the Prague for the premier of the opera La clemency did Nas not to be. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died on December 5, 1791 at age 35. The record lists the cause as severe military fever, a mustard seed rash was mentioned to be on his body during the funeral. Mozart, with all of his achievements, was buried in common grave after the mundane funeral in which few mourners attended.

The one song that was left behind unfinished was the famous “Requiem”. He wrote this on his death bed, with the quill in his hand as he died. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart influenced many people and social circles in which he Nas involved in. He influenced the musical world by introducing the Basset clarinet and the Piano into major orchestras and symphonies. Mozart was considered one of the greatest composers of all time. According to Bio. Com, “His music presented a bold expression, often times complex and dissonant, and required high technical mastery room the musicians who performed it.