R. J. Cutler, based on the novel of the same name by Galley Forman. It is a beautiful and moving film and I honestly recommend you go and see it as soon as possible. The story tells a 17-year-old girl called Aim who loves playing classical cello and Is set out to be a nerdy misfit. When the movie begins she is ready to go to school when a snow day is announced on the radio and her and her family decide to go see her grandparents.

When they are driving you see a lot of shots of the amount of snow that Is laying around, you could eel the disaster coming. A few shots later you hear the sound of slipping tires and you see a truck closing In on them really fast and as expected you hear the bang of the two colliding cars fast after that. The whole movie would have been shot In the hospital If It wasn’t for all the flashbacks about the young love story. First there Is a flashback about Mica’s love story with Adam, but after that you see the crash site and you see Meal looking over her own body. Once they arrive at the hospital Meal watches herself get surgery and she watches her family getting more worried and eventually ailing her it would be all right if she wanted to move on. Chloe Grace Mortem is the actress who played the young Aim and I have to say she did an exceptional job. Aim is a very sad girl who doesn’t know what she wants and who she is accept she loves classical music and playing the cello. Therefore Mortem had to do a lot of crying scenes and every single one of them was beautiful to watch. You could feel everyone in the room holding their breaths to take in as much as possible.

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Every actor in this film plays around Mortem and make her do even better. You can almost feel the love Adam, her parents and her grandparents have for her. Aim is a big fan of classical music and that’s why you hear her playing some beautiful pieces on her cello. But Adam is a proper rocker and the lead singer of a band. Because of this the classical music isn’t too much and you have something else in between Beethoven and Mozart. The love scene between Aim and Adam in an old boathouse plays a cover of the Beyond song “Halo” which is different than any of the other music and fits perfectly.

Overall If I Stay is a beautiful film about a young girl trying to follow her reams while falling in love with a boy who is trying to live his dream as well. With the bigger story in mind that those are all flashbacks while she is fighting for her life and deciding if she wants to stay alive or move on and let go. Far before the end loyal viewers will already be begging Aim to hurry up and make a choice. Even though the ending had a lot of people gasping and even making a few viewers angry or even disappointed, If I Stay is one of the best films I have ever seen. Amazingly written and beautifully played by Its leading lady.