During the Baroque music period the strings played the most important part during that time. Baroque orchestras had from 10 to 30 players which were primarily strings. The strings and winds played the same music melody motion. The Nodding brass was used as melody instruments to sustain the harmony. (HTTPS:// sites. Google. Com/site/retroviruses/flirtatiousness’s) One example of this style is a piece by Johann Sebastian Bach’s “The Brandenburg Concerto no. In D Major. The entire piece consisted of flutes, violins, strings, and the harpsichord. This piece is said to be a great importance to the Baroque style because of its dramatic tones and shifts in orchestra. The Classical orchestras used 30 to 60 players in four sections which consisted of strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Composers during that would use the individual tones of instruments which gave a piece greater ‘rarity and more rapid changes of tone.

Just like the Baroque period the strings Mere the most important part of the section, the violins would take the melody most of the time. The woodwinds were often given melodic solos, while the horns and rumples brought power to loud passages and filled out the harmony. Famous composer Wolf Gang Amadeus Mozart helped to move the classical period to heights Ninth the production from his orchestra of one flute, two clarinets, two bassoons, two horns, and strings along with a piano.

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After listening to both Baroque and Classical pieces from the my music kit I could hear that with most of the pieces from the Baroque period had a feel of the dramatic which would tell me that it was a reflection of the times. The Classical pieces I listened to felt like a variety of emotions that the each composer was trying to achieve. These selections are very different compared to modern music mainly because with today’s modern music has very limited harmonies while the Baroque and Classical music used complex harmonies and changing from one key to another.