Artist, Writers, and Composer Soya was most important Spanish artist of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. HIS full name was Francisco Joss De Soya, Born In Fondness, he later moved with his parents to Sarasota and, at the age of fourteen, began studying with the painter Joss Lug;n Martinez who live from 1710 to 1785. Soya came to artistic maturity during this age of enlightenment. The painter brothers Francisco and RamГ?n Bayou y Scubas had set up shop In 1763 and Soya Joined their shop/ studio, eventually marrying the brother’s sister Josef.

Soy’s intro to the royal workshops was a relationship that lasted the rest of his life and spanned four ruling monarchies began in 1774. As Soya continued to move in circles of royal patronage, he received more commissions from the aristocracy. Between 1785 and 1 788, he painted executives and their barnacles from the Bank of San Carols, Including the count of Altair. At the age of forty, Soya was appointed painter to King Charles Ill, and, in 1789, he was promoted to court painter under the newly accessioned Charles IV.

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Soya became isolated from political and Intellectual life In Madrid, between 1820 ND 1823; he completed a series of very private works In fresco at his small country retreat, Quanta del Sword (the Deaf Man’s House). Today referred to as the Black Paintings, they are compelling in their sinister and often horrifying scenes with dark. Emotional undertones. Throughout his life the composer Ludwig van Beethoven completed numerous works. Each piece has Its own style and design, and included variation and modulation.

Little is known about Beethoven’s actual birth, due to the idea that Beethoven believed himself to be two years younger than his family and community suggested he was. Beethoven was the second child born to his parents, and was their only child who would ever show any Interest and talent In the fine arts, namely musical composition and performance. Life in his home was peaceful for the majority of the time, but when young Ludwig newfound talent in music surfaced, his carefree youth soon turned to a violence filled quest for what his father desired most In life; Fame and Fortune.

Beethoven’s father, a drunk, who would often pull the boy from his bed at unspeakable hours of the morning and he force him to practice the piano until dawn, or until the small child could no longer function due to sleep privation. With his newfound talent came a very unpleasant childhood, due to his father’s brutality, Beethoven was also a fan of counterpoint which Is two melodies played on top of one another.

Although Beethoven’s works evened from chronicles to sonatas, his specialties and basically favorites were piano concertos, symphonies, string quartets ; piano sonatas. William Wordsmith was born April 7, 1770, at Courthouse In Cumberland, England. His poetry, and especially his poems on solitude, must have been extremely Influenced by the death of his mother and the splitting up of his family when he was only 8. At that time, fate sent him to live in Washed, England, where his teacher started him on writing poetry.

Wordsmith otter. Fate again came in when, as a young man, he received an inheritance which gave him the freedom to study literature. One might guess that this is when he first became part of the Romantic Movement. The poetry of William Wordsmith beautifully displays the characteristic themes of English Romanticism. Wordsmith’s poems express basic feelings and soaring emotions, idealize the simplicity of a simple life, portray the glories of nature, and give height to the imagination, with symbols, colorful imagery and high ideals.