Nearly two centuries separate two of the greatest pianists of all times: yet Frederic Chopin and Billy Joel have many similarities in their composure of music. The biggest connection among the two is their love for the piano. Not only did they both enjoy playing the piano, it was a way of life for both Chopin and Joel. Chopin, a half-polish and half-French composer from the Romantic era Is known to some as the “prince of the romantics” (Samovars). Joel, an American pop musician often referred to by many as the “Plano man” (Sundown).

Despite the fact these two composers are from different times as well as countries, they do have a number of resemblances. Frederic Chopin was born in Warsaw, Poland in the year 1810. Chopin began displaying his artistic talents at a very early age; he was an artist, enjoyed writing poetry and also played the piano without any formal training. He began composing music as a child and at the very young age of only seven, Chopping first piece of music was published. In the year 1817 Chopping first piece of music was performed publicly. About a year later, for the first time, Chopin himself played a concerto publicly.

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It was at this time Chopin began drawing comparisons to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart” (Encyclopedia, 2013). At the age of 20, Chopin decided he must leave Warsaw to gain exposure to other musicians and to try and publicize his music. He went to Paris, where he spent much of his life, but his poor health often prevented him from performing publicly. Chopin suffered much of his days from tuberculosis, severe anxiety and Influenza often Mint 2 hindered his strength to perform and it was then he realized he could earn enough by simply teaching. “Chopin preferred composition to playing concerts” (Encyclopedia, 2013).

While several ladies appear to be involved with Chopin over the years, George Sand, a novelist, seemed to be the most renowned. They met In 1836 and although the two never married, they were together for 10 years. Their relationship ended when they had a disagreement over Sands’ children. In 1846 Chopping health deteriorated causing the pianist to lose concentration and all interest in his composition. Frederic Chopin died in the year 1849 in Paris. Even though Chopping productivity was somewhat small to other great composers, many of his works as still some of the most admired pieces in classical music.

Billy Joel was born William Martin Joel in Bronx, New York in the year 1949. Joel began playing piano at the age of four and Immediately showed a real talent for the Instrument. At 16, he dropped out of high school chasing a performing career. After a disappointing release to his first solo album which failed, Joel moved to Los Angles. It was here in 1972 he got a gig performing as a lounge pianist. This “gig” would later be the inspiration for his song “Piano Man”, which went on to be a Top 20 single (A, 2013). By 1981 , Joel had received a Grammar for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance and also People’s Choice Award.

Throughout the ass’s Joel racked up many hits. Joel and his first wife of nine years divorced In 1982. He met and married supermodel Christine alcohol addiction and was in and out of rehab. It was around this time he married journalist, Katie Lee. They too would divorce after only five years or Mint 3 marriage. Today, Joel is semi-retired when it comes to recording pop music; however, he has ventured out and took on something a little different composing a number of classical songs. Joel describes his song writing as music that “meant something during the time in which I lived… D transcended that time” (Billy Joel). When comparing Frederic Chopin to Billy Joel, the first resemblance in the two is their love for the piano. They were both considered pros at playing. Both Chopin and Joel composed and wrote music with a lot of emotion. Chopping ballades were full of energetic tones: calm, slow, powerful and dynamic. Alike, many of Joule’s songs had meaning and were written about experiences he had encountered, some good and some bad. Both Joel and Chopin composed many pieces of work about romance. One of Joule’s most popular love songs is “She’s Got a Way’ which was released in 1971.

It is a beautiful vocal piece of music with the piano being the main instrument Ninth an accompanying guitar. Most of Chopping compositions had a romantic sound about them. Etude Pop 25 No 12 is an excellent example of one of Chopping masterpieces; it sounds like wonderful dancing music. On another entirely different note, both Chopin and Joel composed music about death. Chopping 3rd movement “Funeral March” from Piano Sonata #2 is still very familiar today to most of us today. “A funeral march is usually a slow piece of music Ninth a steady, plodding beat in a minor key that evokes feelings of sadness and rife” (Choice).

Joel also recorded a song about death, “Lullaby (Goodnight, My Mint 4 Angel)”. Joel wrote this song for his 7-year-old daughter after she started asking a lot of questions about death (Youth). As mentioned earlier, Joel in recent years has taken an interest in classical music releasing a CD of classical piano pieces called ‘Fantasies and Delusions” in 2001 (Sundown). It appears that Chopin may have been an inspiration to Joel including a part of Chopping C minor prelude in his tune “Suite for Piano”. In an article by Greg Sundown, he states that “Joel only emulates the sound f Chopin, but his music is his own”.

Sundown also goes on to say that Chopin seems ‘yielding and romantic” while Joel more “muscular”. In conclusion, although from ‘ere different times (nearly two centuries), both Frederic Chopin and Billy Joel were expert composers and pro pianists. Given the significant number of years’ separation between the two and also considering how music has changed over those years, it is difficult to determine how similar their music really was. However, it is evident that both Chopin and Joel composed music based on feelings and emotions. They both rote romantic pieces dealing with love and passion.