Early Music Concert Report A simple, Easter afternoon at the Leo S. Being Theater located In the Los Angles County Museum of Arts made for a perfect time for the members of the Capitol Ensemble to perform music of the classical era. The program consisted of String Trio in B-flat major, D. 471 composed by Franz Schubert and String Quintet in G minor, K. 516 composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The audience was filled with higher- class individuals and obviously frequent listeners of the Classical Era genre seated awards the front of the theater, and the newcomers, like myself, attended to be graced upon with the beautiful music the past has left for us more in the back of the venue. Although the dress attire was casual, most of the people still dressed slightly with style and formality. The performers were dressed In all black, and some white details. The whole place had a serious ambiance In the air.

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Mostly everyone was there to completely enjoy the free concert to Its full extent. The audience could not simply walk In and out of the performing area for It could cause a nuisance for the est. of the people watching, but these people that wished to leave must wait for a piece to be finished, unlike many other regular concerts. The program even recommended for adults with small children to listen to the concert outside of the theater, where speakers and live feed of the concert were provided.

The ushers emphasized the point that everyone should be respectful and kind to the performers. If one did not wish of watching the rest of the concert, they should freely leave, but with full and utter respect. With classical concerts, respect seems to be the most appropriate word. Everyone treated each other kindly and considerately. The music of the program flourished throughout the whole theater. The String Trio In B-flat major, D. 471 was shorter than the latter, but the piece was easier to comprehend. The trio only consisted of a violin, a viola, and a cello.

The Allegro made the trio much more enjoyable due to its fast, cheerful tempo. Considering it only retains one movement, this part of the concert was much easier to focus on. The way the violin plays the main, complex part and the viola and the cello are playing subtler harmonies make the melody very much enjoyable. Schubert composed the trio in a method where all the instruments can either play in a copycats form in one theme or a cadence motion in another. Although the piece was rather short, it consisted of a full sonata form.

String Quintet in G minor, K. 516 composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was the longer piece of the production, and the harder one to analyze, considering It consisted of four movements: The Allegro, Monument: Allegretto, Adagio ma non troop, and Adagio-Allegro. The first movement Is the fastest piece of the quintet. The second movement Is supposed to be a minuet In which the tempo Is danceable, UT instead consists a heavy theme. The third movement is a slow, melancholic fourth movement is even slower than the third.

Mozart adds a lot of pauses and rests in this certain quintet causing a stark demand with the new notes. There are a lot of twists and unexpected notes that make this quintet enjoyable and unpredictable. Compared to other works like Mozart own Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major, in Inch there are three movements of very dramatic themes and much more Instruments, the String Quintet in G Minor contains more content in terms of lariats and themes and its stylistic method of fast tempos. Taking part in a classical concert is wholly another type of experience that a person can have.

The way the audience reacts to the music, the way the music is laid out, and merely the vibes in the theater are what differentiates a classical concert from a popular music concert. In a regular concert, one does not have to fully pay attention to the music, but rather enjoy the surface of the melodies. A classical concert takes a lot more work and effort to be fully enjoyed. The next time I will attend such a concert, a full night of sleep and a full stomach will also be attending, making sure that complete concentration is present.