Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart In 1787 In the midst of the Enlightenment of the 18th century. Per the textbook and class discussions, This was a time where people started questioning the authority of the nobility and clergy, and the middle class wanted more power in the government. People were not depending as much on the church for their social mores at the time and were becoming more pleasure seeking.

This of course led to The French Revolution In Europe and The War of Independence In America. The list of characters I will be discussing in this paper is as follows: Don Giovanni is an aristocrat who goes around seducing women and abusing his rower over them. He Is a Lothario and seems to like partying Like a rock star. He Is very arrogant and seems to feel that he is untouchable. Doing whatever he wishes. He reminds me a little of former President Clinton with his sex addiction. He has a strong, commanding Baritone voice which portrays to me that he is used to getting his way.

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Donna Anna is outwardly a respectable noblewoman engaged to Don Titivation who claims Don Giovanni tried to rape her In the opening scene. She has a very rich and strong soprano voice which, Nay. She is not one of my favorite characters nor is her voice (probably because she reminds me of myself). It gives a domineering demeanor to her. Don Titivation is Donna Anna’s fiance who is very committed to Donna Anna doing anything to protect and serve her. We discussed in class how people see him as a weak person with which I disagree.

I see him as a man besotted with a woman who doesn’t appear to be as in love with him as he is with her. He reminds me of my partner who will loyally bend over awkward for the person he loves, a personality of which it could be easy to take advantage for a person like Donna Anna. He has a beautiful tenor range, my favorite of the male voices, oozing loyalty for his betrothed and the strength and courage to be truly noble. II Commendatory is Donna Anna’s father. He has a booming bass voice that conveys authority and strength.

It is very commanding slower and thorough, especially when he appears later as his ghost. He is murdered in a duel with Don Giovanni while defending his daughter’s honor and protecting his home. Donna Eluvia is a woman who was seduced by Don Giovanni and has mixed feelings of love for him and anger at being betrayed by him. She has a soprano voice which conveys that same haughty Giovanni and softens “hen she expresses her affection and concern for him. Leprosy is basically, along with Donna Eluvia in a certain way, the comic relief.

He is Giovanni unhappy servant who comes to his aid in getting him out of the scrapes Ninth the ladies. I used to somewhat have that role 20 years ago in my wild youth when I was best friends with a Don Giovanni type named Ray. I used to always make excuses for him but would later tell his paramours not to waste their time with him, pretty much intimating the notches Ray had on his belt. Leprosy has bass voice that causes me to perceive a working class quality to it. However, I could lust be prejudiced since I already know that he is a servant and not of the nobility. M starting by writing on opening of the opera. It opens with Leprosy complaining about having to wait on Don Giovanni hand and foot 24 hours a day, seven days a week Ninth no rest. The music sounds staccato and fast as he is complaining about working so hard for o little with only a few only a few string instruments accompanying him. The instruments sound monophonic. Then when he resolves that he will no longer serve Don Giovanni, the music slows down, retaining that 4 beat measure, becomes louder and more flowing.

Leprosy is basically singing along with the accompaniment and not veering off of it. His voice is moderately deeper, a higher bass, and heavy being an overburdened servant. I think of my present Job, which I loathe, and feel similarly to Leprosy, Anatine to leave it and fearful at the same time, since there are no favorable alternatives at this moment. I feel as burdened as he. The music continues this way through the rest of Leprosy’s aria. “hen Donna Anna and Don Giovanni enter, the music becomes much more dramatic and fast.

Nile Donna Anna and Don Giovanni are arguing back and forth, their harmonies do not seem very consonant, but more dissonant, which shows that disagreement between the two. Leprosy comes into the middle of this duet singing his own melody while Donna Anna and Don Giovanni continue singing their duet with the dissonant harmony with passionate syncopation. The music is ‘ere fast paced and as aromatic as the voices. Don Giovanni noble sounding baritone and Donna Anna’s dramatic soprano v’ices add to the intensity of the song. I think of the arguments my parents used to have when I was a child.

My mother would try to overpower my father verbally and vice versa. II Commandants then enters with his powerful and authoritative bass voice, tries to defend his daughter Donna Anna and confronts Don Giovanni. The music slows as II Commandants starts singing. His rhythm is noticeably slower and deliberate, ominous sounding. Don Giovanni response to him is becoming louder in Hyannis and faster in tempo with many minor keys until Don Giovanni stabs II Commandants. There is then a cadence by the performers and the orchestra which ends on a dissonant chord.

As II Commandants dies, the music resumes with much softer dynamics and slower tempo. Each performer, II Commandants, Don Giovanni, and Leprosy each sing their own melodies, II Commandants and Don Giovanni have a bit of consonant harmony which seems to say that the conflict is reaching resolution and the scene comes to an end. Ere next scene on which I have decided to write is the one where Donna Anna discovers her lain father. During Don Giovanni and Leprosy’s recitative, there is a harpsichord playing in the background to support their conversation.

It continues to do so when they exit and Donna Anna rushes in with Don Titivation to assist her father. Her tempo is very fast paced and almost shrieks. Titivation’s is ‘ere quick, as well, displaying a sense of urgency. When she finds her father, slain on the floor, her dynamics descend and she sings slowly and more softly, lovingly, as she begins to discover that he is, in fact, dead. When she does, she screams “Padre MIM” and almost sounds like she is Nailing. I think of my mom after my dad died and how she would become so soft and loving when she Mould fuss over him in the coffin at the wake. Eng dolorously. Anna and Titivation affect a darker tonality to their voices. As Titivation tries to console her, his melody becomes more flowing. Anna still has the halting cadences as she is not fully responding to his Norms as of yet. He doesn’t seem to be saying the right words. There have been many times in my life En I have seen someone in despair and not known what to say but wanting so badly to help them but saying the wrong things. She comes to life when the idea of revenge comes to her. At once, the music becomes dramatic, and she makes Titivation swear to avenge her father.

They then unite in my favorite set of harmonies in the whole opera. They give a unified front when they sing. They alternate different rhythms between stopping at the end of phrases or stopping at the end of syllables and lots of syncopation. Titivation seems to follow and echo what Anna sings. She has the more powerful voice which purveys to me that Titivation is in love with Anna and will do anything for her. Therefore, she has Titivation under her control. He next scene on which I am writing is the one where Donna Eluvia first appears. She is very distraught about being abandoned by Don Giovanni.

In her aria, the music starts off pretty regularly in the first phrase. However, using her dramatic coloratura soprano voice, she proceeds to move up and behind her displays a rushing frantic tempo but seem the dynamics seem pretty subdued compared to her singing. At the end of the song she does these trills that are dizzying to me. The pitches are almost out of tune. It makes me think she is crazy, which she is at this point, love crazy for Don Giovanni who sings in a very saccharine, and mocking way to her pretending to console her, singing at a slower tempo than she.

I am reminded of a past relationship where I was so crazy about the person I Nas seeing that I could not think straight. I remember that when it ended, I would go through a range of emotions, anger, love, hate, betrayal, despair, mocked, and heartbroken because my love was not returned. After the recitative between her, Don Giovanni and Leprosy, Leprosy sings about all the Omen Don Giovanni had and to get over him. I feel he starts off hesitatingly with the truth about Don Giovanni, with his halting phrases at the beginning of his aria.

However, after a nervous start, the tempo becomes more flowing and Leprosy seems to gain confidence and maybe even excitement as he counts how many women Don Giovanni seduced in each country. While counting he even breaks the rhythm when he gets to France and Turkey. When he gets to Spain, he slows down and repeats “Mille e tree” as if to drive the point home to her. It gives me the feeling that Leprosy may live ‘curiously simultaneously. I used to marvel how my former friend Ray would meet so many people and persuade them to sleep Ninth him so easily. Eave to admit that I would become a bit Jealous of him. It is uncertain to me whether Don Giovanni tried to rape Donna Anna or not. I can not find enough evidence to prove she was a willing party. I do believe that Anna has Titivation Unwrapped around her finger and is the boss in the relationship. I feel that Titivation is blindly besotted by Anna and seems to be more into her than she is with him. I feel that she is using him more as a protector since she has no one left in her life after the death of her father. I have played both Donna Anna’s role and Don Titivation’s role in different relationships.

It seems easier to be a “Donna Anna” and not give control away to another person. However, the best relationship would be to have a mutually giving Don Giovanni is a character of many excesses and fears. By his behavior, he is afraid to fall in love with anyone and would rather hurt someone rather than be the one getting hurt. He is similar to Donna Anna in the way that he wants to be in control and not fall in love. He wants instant gratification and has no discipline. I was hoping that he would have repented of his ways and let go of his fears fallen in love with someone.

Unfortunately, Mozart want to teach the lesson that there is a consequence to actions. Have good intentions but go out of control with their emotions, besotting themselves with Don Giovanni, for Eluvia and Donna Anna, for Titivation. Eluvia goes crazy since Don Giovanni abandons her for further pursuits. Don Titivation seems to have given his entire will over to Anna and needs to begin to value himself more. Both of them trust blindly. That led to Elvis’s unfortunate state of mind, and Titivation is Milling to give his life to a woman who may not be entirely innocent. Both characters leave me with a sadness for them.

Mozart portrays the characters very realistically through their voice types, their tones, and the rhythms, and dynamics in the music. What I have taken away from this story, is a little shame and awareness of my own relationship and where it needs improvement. I’ve taken from it that I need to learn how to give and not Just take. I saw that the character I seem to most resemble is the Donna Anna character, a domineering personality who is used to getting his way. My partner definitely resembles Don Titivation and is willing to give me my way. It could be a lot worse though. I could resemble Don Giovanni!