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Shakespeare was an expert at creating comedies, and tragedies, both of which often leave the audience in tears. Few of those who put pen to paper have been successful at creating prized images for their readers as Shakespeare. Every character he created has a life of its own. It is entirely possible that more middle school and high school students know about the tragedy that Romeo and Juliet experienced than know about the one that took place at pearl harbor. Neither you are an intense lover of music or simply enjoy hearing good music, you are more likely aware of the work completed by Beethoven, the German composer. He is generally recognized as on of the greatest composers to ever live.

Much of his early Nor was influenced by those who wrote music in Austria, Haydn and Mozart. It can be argued whether Beethoven was a classical or romantic composer. This depends upon which period of time in his life the music was written. His exquisite music has elements of both. It has been said that his early works brought to a conclusion the classical age. It has also been stated that Beethoven’s later work started the romantic age of music. Austria is a rather small country, about three times the size of Vermont, located between Germany and Italy. The best known of the cities in this country is Vienna. Region, particularly in the area of performing arts.

Another place that has played an important part in the exquisite culture of the area is the city of Salisbury. Salisbury is agonized as a great city for the performing arts, particularly music. Just as important, however, is that the city is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the greatest composers of all time. Perhaps no other composer had an earlier start at his professional endeavors than did Mozart. It is thought that he began playing at the age of four and began composing at the age of five. Dairy and Jasmine gave a quick example of two helping verbs. The exam on may 28 for 50 points will test pages 396 to 471. Did the field auditor sign the amendment forms for the city?