How are ideas about betrayal and loyalty explored through the structure of the play- within-a-play? The most obvious structural feature is the ‘play-within-a-play, which highlights the parallels between the characters and themes in Mozart opera, and those in Anorak’s play. Both the opera and play revolve around issues of loyalty, fidelity and betrayal. The backdrop of war is also a significant feature of both texts: the Vietnam War In the sass (In Coos) and the Albanian battle for Independence from the Ottoman Empire ;n 1790 on coos Fan Tutee).

Wars also involve loyalties and betrayals, and their chaos on a grand scale underscores the chaos in the lives of the characters in the opera and the play. (Sue Sherman : English for Year 12) ;According to Mozart Coos Fan Tutee, the issue of fidelity is depicted to be an ideal that is never achieved. ;Since Women are like that’ – the interpretation of ‘coos fan tutee’, Mozart encouraged the belief that men should simply accept women are indeed disloyal In relationships. Narrow illustrates this same idea about women and infidelity through Lewis and Lully’s relationship.

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While Lucy is Sleeping’ with Lewis, she is also ‘having sex; with Nick. When Lewis discovers Lully’s betrayal, she waves aside his shock. Defending that ‘it is not as if we’re married. ‘ The revelation does indeed prove that Coos Fan Tutee is correct In stating that, Woman’s constancy Is like the Arabian Phoenix. Everyone swears It exists, but no one has seen It. ‘ ;Although the women in both Coos Fan Tutee and Coos are shown to be unfaithful, so are the men. While the men in Coos Fan Tutee do not actively participate in adultery, they do fabricate their departure to the war and also disguise themselves as ‘Albanians. Their deception is also a betrayal to their wives. Meanwhile, Don Alfonse manipulates everyone. As seen In Coos, Lewis Is unfaithful to Lucy as he kisses Julie during rehearsals. ;Julie later reveals that she has a girlfriend who she would prefer to be with, confirming that both men and women are unfaithful in relationships. (source: VICE Study Guides) Women are never true. ” Women like to pretend they don’t play around, but they’re Just more secretive about it. They don’t brag about it like men. ” Women are flesh and blood too. ” l don’t like men’s double standards. ” “Women’s constancy is like the Phoenix of Arabia.

Everyone swears it exists, but no one has seen it. ” Irony in the fact that Henry plays the part of Don Alfonse in Coos Fan Tutee as Henry firmly believes in truth and fidelity whereas Don Alfonse is cynical about it. “This Coos condones the corruption of innocence. Omen are told to be tramps. Free love. ” “Whether women can remain true is a tragedy. ” ‘Don’t insult those pure men. They”re models of fidelity and perfect love. ” (Coos Fan Tutee) “Only mad people in this day and age would do a Nor about love and infidelity. ” Lewis and Julie kiss demonstrating that men too can be unfaithful.

In a way, Nick is also unfaithful in his friendship with Lewis. Mimi have enemies for life, but never lovers. ” “Everyone blames women, but I forgive them. If they change their love a thousand times a day, some call it sin, others a drug, but I think it’s the necessity of women’s hearts. ” “That’s how men want us to be – even though they’re not true and faithful themselves. ” Wagner “foreshadows what is going to happen to the couples in the future. A life of torment and adultery. ” Nick Justifies his infidelity with “we’re mates, aren’t we? ” Nick and Lucy didn’t last long as both were not into love and fidelity. ”