Statesman & Joy strive to make classical music more popular with the public, and for them, the mix of music, comedy and theatre is its own art form. Comedic as well as musical virtuosi, they add a new light to classical music, milling genres and styles with subtle doses of humor and theatrical elements. The comedic approach to their classical tunes might be irreverent, but they always treat the music with the utmost respect. Believe It or not, many of the classical music world’s biggest names are part of their biggest fan base.

The concert included a variety of works by Statesman , and everything was brought together with special thanks to the Greensboro symphony orchestra. From Mozart with Love begins the concert and It sets the classical tone with subtle entrances of the underlying James Bond theme for the comedic pass-off and duet. From the first piece to the last well known song “l Will Survive,” the concert has everything to keep even the non-classically aware viewers entertained.

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Statesman & Joy perform well known favorites like Mozart Bond, All Molt Truck and Cleaning vs.. Refinancing enhanced by the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra. In addition to other well-known adaptations of pieces from their popular duo-show, “Big Nightmare Music” comes several witty sketches personalized for a symphony orchestra, drawing everyone into their act, from the first violinist to the last percussionist Cleaning vs.. Reverberating immediately caught my attention due to the fact that it was a piece written for violin/piano.

The comedy sketch that developed onto a full ensemble visual feature was both hilarious and surprising seeing that the members of the orchestra could play the piece perfectly while reverberating Many ‘serious’ musicians dream about being onstage and letting loose. It really is a different experience when seeing this group perform live and being able to feed off of the energy the crowd gives to the performers. While might also be In the audience, as a performer, I know what it feels like to receive great audience feedback when you really strive to perform the best you can possibly perform.

At a time when audiences for classical music have become smaller and smaller, the scores of college students and young children who know nothing about Bach are experiencing Statesman and Coo’s main goal. The main goal is to bring back an audience that ere Greensboro Symphony Orchestra is the only professional orchestra in Greensboro and performs major symphonic works and supports many professional musicians. The depth of the orchestra musicality was truly fascinating and it’s always Interesting to watch an orchestra full of string instruments moving simultaneously

Ninth the music being performed. Performer/audience interaction made this show easy to sit through because it’s moments like those that add some variety and different atmosphere depending on the audience. Overall I was impressed by everyone’s hard work and production of the pieces performed at the “Big Nightmare Music” concert. It’s not often that people are able to experience live music performed by professional musicians. It’s definitely an eye opening experience to see how an audience will react, but in general a rewarding experience for the audience, performers, and composer.