Quartet concert at Magellan Recital Hall of Branch College performance and art center, which was made possible through the generous gift to the Branch College Fund from Aaron Silverman’46 (The Aaron Silverman Concert Series). A loyal friend of Branch, Mr.. Silverman served on the Board of Trustees of the Branch College Fund and was a Branch College Fellow. Alexander String Quartet was formed in New York City in 1981 and the following year came the first string quartet to win the Concert Artists Guild Competition.

In 2006 Branch College awarded them Presidential Medals in honor of their longstanding commitment to the Arts and Education and In celebration of their two decades of service to the college. The Alexander String Quartet has performed In the major music capitals of five continents, securing Its standing among the world’s premier ensembles. Widely admired for its interpretations of Beethoven, Mozart, and Stochastic, the quartet has established itself as an important advocate of new USIA through more than twenty-five commissions and numerous premiere performances.

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The Alexander String Quartet concert was started at 2:45 pm. There were four instrument players on this concert were Karakas Graffito and Frederick Leftist on Violins, Paul Hairbrush on viola and Sandy Wilson on cello. The concert was conducted on the 82 (basement level 2) Magellan Recital Hall of Branch College Vertical Campus. The atmosphere was very cool and nice as the concert hall was approximately the size of an average concert hall with about 150 people In the audience. The concert was started In a very quite environment.