Schizophrenia is a devastating psychiatric disorder that affects -?1% of the population worldwide (Scores 2009). It is characterized by so-called ‘positive symptoms’- including delusions and hallucinations-‘negative symptoms’-including blunted emotions and social isolation-and cognitive deficits-including impairments in attention and working memory (Scores 2009). It is a mental illness, believed to be the results of multiple factors both genetic and environmental. Affecting over 2 million people in the US alone, it has become a major clinical and public health concern worldwide.

However, it has been referred to as a hidden epidemic. The repose of this paper is to define schizophrenia, inform about the symptoms, risk factors, and treatment for schizophrenia. My research Is qualitative, based on examples of different types of Schizophrenia and to explain It is psychological disorder which can afflict a person throughout their lifetime due to it is like all other mental illness, there is no known cure. Keywords: Defining Schizophrenia, Symptoms, Risk Factors, and Treatment Salisbury, Austria, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a master of music.

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Mozart was a child prodigy, and was able to play the piano, violin, and organ by age six but composing his own music at five (Wright, 2004). His father, Leopold Mozart, sacrificed his own career as a respected composer and theorist so he could concentrate on fostering his prodigy son’s talents. He taught Mozart the violin, piano and musical theory, all of which Mozart excelled at. At the age of four, Mozart was writing piano concertos and he completed his first opera, when he was eleven.

Mozart spent most of his childhood touring Europe with his sister and he got his first Job at the age thirteen for the Archbishop of Salisbury. He worked here for twelve years until the archbishop dismissed him. Mozart moved to Vienna, the musical capital of the world at the time. He had been successful there as a child prodigy but as an adult had difficulty in finding work. Let was in Vienna that Mozart met Haydn, who took Mozart under his wing and nurtured Mozart’ talents like a second father.

To make a living, Mozart wrote operas which were becoming very popular. Musical ideas sprang from Mozart mind. His only task in composing was actually writing the music down on paper. Around this time he fell in love with a woman called Alyssa Weber. He asked her to marry him but she declined and so he married her sister Constance instead. For their wedding, Mozart wrote his great C-minor composition. Mozart had more success as a composer when he visited Prague. He was commissioned to write several operas and he enjoyed a successful career.

Mozart was convinced while he Nas writing Requiem commissioned by an unnamed stranger that it was his own requiem and he was right. He raced to finish it but in the end only completed a few movements and a sketchy outline of the rest of the piece. He died probably from poor health when he was Just thirty five years old. The Requiem was completed by one of Mozart pupils, Summary. Mozart was apolitical. He was very classical. He appreciated Bach and had a large output: 49 symphonies and 18 operas. References Milliner, T. & Weinberg, D. (1998). Feeling Depressed or Anxious.