The concert included many musical acts including choirs, Instruments such as hand-bells, guitar, oboe, etc, and also Included organ and piano. The songs that were performed were mostly Christmas songs Like “Dance Into the Night”, and “O Come All Ye Faithful”. The pieces were well performed, due to lots of practicing. The director, Sharon Carter, put a lot of effort into all aspects of the concert.

She called in a choir from Saskatoon, and even an oboe player and a bassoon player! The concert started off by the Marrying Youth Choir (the choir I was involved with) handing out candles to all the adults in the audience. Next, all the choirs sang O Come All Ye Faithful, along with the hand bells. And then the Marrying Choir sang Dance into the night, which took my breath away on how well put together it was. Next from the same choir was Come and See. Following that was an Instrumental trio- oboe, bassoon and Plano playing O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

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And then came my groups turn. First, we sang the song When A Child Is Born, which I got lots of practice on because of choir here at HCI. And then we sang Glory to the Lamb, which was fabulous. Next, the hand bells and the organ played the song An English Christmas which was very well put together. Next was Be Still My Soul performed by the Mess Choir and the bassoon. Then came Ding Dong Merrily on High, by the hand bells, oboe and bassoon. Then came The First Newell snag by all the choirs. Then, Joy to the World, which Included all the Instruments as well.

After the intermission, The Marrying Choir performed the song On Christmas Night, after the organ processional by Gregory Schultz. After the first song came The Hands That First Held Marry Child by the Marrying Choir and the bassoon. Following that came O Little Town Of Bethlehem, which was at first sung as a duet between Rata Frank and Renee Puppet, and then was turned over to the Marrying Choir. Then, Carol of the Bells, amazingly played by Sharon Gulag on piano. Next came the Children’s Choir, who sang Arrear and African Praise Song. Next was In The Bleak

Midwinter done by the piano oboe and bassoon. Next was Shepherd’s Pipe Carol, and Each Child, both done by the Marrying Women. After those two wonderful pieces came Westminster Carol, very lovely performed by the oboe, bassoon, and piano. Guessing which was done as a solo by the wonderful Maxine Moore, and then turned over to the Marrying Choir. A guitar and oboe duet was done on O Holy Night, and followed by Silent Night, which was performed by all choirs. All and all, the concert Nas a huge success, being sold out in the first week tickets went on sale.

There was an audience of approximately 350-400 people, but to me, it seemed like Donning, England, which is the worlds largest concert facility. It was a truly amazing feeling to be a part of something like that. Every song went smoothly, with no hitches, or nothing to deter its ability to take your breath away. For me, the highlight was listening to all the men sing. It is truly a privilege to hear such talented, inspiring male singers. This was a well put together concert, with everyone involved putting their best foot forward. I will never forget this concert.