My thought around art is that it could be the poetry of a poet, the song of a musician, he translation from an actor / actress or even an “artist” that is able to creatively express themselves on a canvass. In some cases, art can be used as a form of therapy – people can find solace In a picture that reminds them of something or even a sculpture that represents something. It’s a type of therapy or a form of meditation. Many do art for the pure Joy of it. We all have this inner voice and it comes out In beautiful painting, sculpture, poetry, thus our Inner self comes to live with our arts.

When you start to think about art, you have to agree that art Is suggestive In another rod, it means something different to every person. Everyone has their own piece of art; however, their reason would differ from one another. Art is all around us. It plays a large part in making our lives infinitely rich. I could not imagine a world Mahout art. Ere Impact That Art Have in our Lives Art plays such a large part of our everyday lives that we may hardly even stop to think about it. Art stimulates different parts of our brains to make us laugh or incite us to riot, with a whole gamut of emotions in between.

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Art gives us a way to be creative and express ourselves. Art creates awareness of social issues. Art may express and reflect the religious, political, and economical aspects of cultures. Art can also be Anteater a culture says it is or whatever they want it to be. It involves all people, those who conceive the idea of the work, execute it, provide necessary equipment and materials, and people who make up the audience for the work. There are diverse forms of art: architecture, body decoration, clothing manufacture, graffiti, Just to name a few.

Art also helps us to express our sentimental relations. It can surprise, inspire, stimulate imagination, inform, tell stories, and record history. For some people, art is the entire reason they get out of bed in the morning. Ere Controversial Aspect of Art In this day and age where children are basically raising themselves watching inappropriate programs on television or browsing websites that aren’t age appropriate, I think the school went a little overboard by sacking the teacher for taking her student to the museum and viewing the nude art.

Do I agree with her actions, yes I do because children need to be exposed to art at an early age. Looking at the statue from the museum that spiked such controversies, I can’t imagine why he parents were so upset that they requested the removal of the teacher from the school. In my opinion, most of these parents don’t even know the kind of stuff their children are exposed to while they are at work more than eight hours a day. Like someone in the blob said, the children probably went home and complained to dad about the statue’s missing most of its limbs.

On the other hand, art is functional in that it is a real part of our daily lives. When you look at the desk or table where you are, right this minute. Someone thought about it and designed it. That is art. My shoes are art. I am surrounded by art wherever I go and whatever I do. The computer Ninth its programming that I am using at this very moment is a piece of art. Someone thought about it, designed it and make it real in a way that I can sit in my home, research topics and be able to write about it, using the internet to communicate with my professor to submit my assignments. That is art!

In the movie, Scarlet Johansson plays Greet, who is responsible for providing for her family. The 17-year-old maid goes to live and work in the noisy, bourgeois, economically fractious Vermeer household. Colon Firth, plays Johannes Vermeer, the Dutch genius, with the intensity of the possessed, as if he were looking through people instead of at them. Greet would escape in Vermeer studio, where she had found his pictures interesting. She developed interest in Vermeer’s work and unbeknownst to her Vermeer had developed feelings for her as well, thus becoming the artist’s secret muse.

The interplay on the actress’s face of fear, ignorance, curiosity, and sex is intensely dramatic. This movie was gracefully made, an outstanding performance by all the cast members and a really clever story behind a beautiful and stirring piece of art. Art in Puerco Rich Puerco Rich has a great artistic presence. Everything in Puerco Rich looks like a piece of art. The architecture, the vibrant colors of the houses give the country its artistic feel. This art was painted by a friend of mine, Andy Saint-Rome Liabilities, Haitian Artist currently residing in Puerco Rich, and was exposed last year in Pence.

I love to spend time at Old San Juan during my weekends and admire the pieces that are showcased in some of the galleries of Old San Juan. Old San Juan appears to be the greatest repository of arts and crafts in Puerco Rich with its multitudes of museums and galleries. I find that the local artists are well represented and the quality of their Nor is remarkable. In the “Bra Galena Algeria”, there are many pieces that are most sees; however, I admired a beautiful painting titled Bah De Puerco Prince, 1940 by Angel Bootable. Engel Bootable was a Spanish – Puerco Rican painter, sculptor and graphic artist. He is considered one of the greatest Latin American post – modern artists. I find the paintings and the sculptures very beautiful and meaningful. Every piece of art there Newer all breath taking. The gallery focuses their exhibitions to the paintings and sculptures of the great artists of Puerco Rican and international art. It is one of my favorite galleries in Puerco Rich; I would often go to old San Juan Just to look at the beautiful arts.

According to Webster Dictionary, music is “the art of arranging tones in an orderly sequence so as to produce a unified and continuous composition”. In reality, music does not have any one concrete meaning. Music has different meanings for different people. Music is unique in each person’s life. Too musician, music is their life because they eat, breathe, and live music. Music is their passion. For others, music is hobby, a pastime. Music is something that arouses interest and is pleasurable.

The casual fan may learn about music, how to read music, how to sing, or how to play a musical instrument, but they do not have the passion a musician possesses. Music is means of relaxation for some, while others simply enjoy listening to the sounds, melodies, and rhythms that music brings to their ears, minds, and hearts. I have been exposed to music at an early age. When I was growing up, I wanted to play the piano, but my mother wanted me to dance which is what she decided that I should do. I would listen to some music then write down the lyrics in order to understand

Nat is being written and also trying to give the lyrics my own interpretations. I have very eclectic musical taste. At some point I used to write in a blob about Haitian music, I would attend musical performances and critiqued them in the blob. My brother is a musical artist. He writes his own lyrics, produces the music and performs them. He also has his own record label company and music studio in Haiti where he produces music videos. Music plays a big role in my life. I would listen to music while studying, the background noise help me focus my mind on what I am studying. I

Mould also listen to some music while walking; it helps energize me for the walk. Likewise, music would make me cry, laugh, dance and give me Joy. How Music Impacts our Lives Music is the most beautiful art of all, music can move us emotionally and it can help AS explain ourselves better, it can help us say things that we couldn’t get out with Norms. Music moves us sometimes in a way that we get to do things that we wouldn’t normally do or had the courage to do. It’s easy to see that music may help enhance our moods, soothing us or energize us in accordance with the song itself.

Take a born baby, for example. A good lullaby is soothing to a baby’s ears, and this melody will calm a young child down or perhaps even put him to sleep. I remember En one of my younger sisters were an infant, she had this song that she liked and Ho could tell that she does, because every time we would put on that specific music, she would start swaying to the beat of the music. When she is crying, we would put the music on and she would stop crying and start swaying to the beat. This response make it “culturally cohesive:” simply put, music brings people together.

Music is easily recognizable as well. You don’t have to know a language or understand the lyrics of a song to enjoy the music. Most of the music that I used to enjoy as a child and later as an adult was music from other cultures or languages. We can hear music everywhere we go or whatever we are doing. I personally cannot function without music, I work, I study, and I drive with it, that way it keeps me from falling asleep. Music may also be holistically therapeutic, reducing your stress and helping you in achieving soundness of mind and body.

Therefore, no music, no life! Ere Controversial Aspects of Music: “Is It Music, Is It Singing” When you look at how USIA is defined by the Webster dictionary, music is the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity. Rap has sounds in succession, combination, with temporal relationships also known as tempo through the use of beats. The unity/continuity comes from the beat looping throughout the track.

That’s Nay rap is music: because, literally, it is a form of organized sound, and therefore has been proven to be a form of music. However, I remember when Hip Hop first started; t was a cultural and artistic movement that emerged from the slums in New York especially among African Americans. This broad musical culture presented trim, such as funk or rap, break dance , uprooting, popping and in the visual arts through graffiti and murals. Unfortunately, rap music is not perceived by many Americans as an art form, but as a fad which they hope will soon fade away.

I have listened to many rap music and not all of them are made only with curse words. My brother raps and his lyrics are mostly things that happened in his everyday life or situations that he would love to see changed. Rap music has evolved in such a way that now rappers actually make money with their craft. Unfortunately, some people get into rapping as a way to get out of poverty and some of the rap music nowadays, contains curse and insulting words. Amadeus Mozart Amadeus…. One of the most honored film of all time.

This film is an adaptation of Peter Schaffer smash Broadway play of the same name. Based loosely on the life of the world’s greatest composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Amadeus is in every way one of the great cinematic masterpieces ever created. The film cannot begin to exaggerate Mozart genius. The film has absolutely everything that a great movie should: fabulous acting, a fascinating plot, the best music ever composed mostly Mozart, great screenplay, and spectacular sets and costumes. His work was amazing and the film depicted the awesomeness of the great Mozart.

Did Saltier kill Mozart? Saltier was a great admirer of Mozart, I don’t believe that Saltier killed him. Amadeus, great movie that it is, make people believe that Saltier had something to do with Mozart death. It is a great plot for the movies but nobody actually is sure of what Mozart died from. Some say, he died from kidney failure, some say rheumatic fever. However, researchers are now saying that if Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had spent a few minutes basking in the sun, it might have forestalled his untimely death.

Two Music in Puerco Rich During the conversion of Puerco Rice’s Meridians and slaves to Christianity after its colonization by the early Spanish, the only formal music imported from Spain was chants and religious music. Later, however, as the fortunes of a handful of Puerco Rican planters increased during the 19th century, their social aspirations grew as Nell. Those whose children showed musical promise were sent abroad to further the development of their talents.

While it is the music that most people associate Puerco Rich with, ironically, Salsa wasn’t born on the island. It came out of the Puerco Rican community of New York. There are two different thoughts as to how Salsa originated. Some say it was born out of the Big Bands in New York, while others say that it is a combination of rumba, mambo, chaw-chaw, Cucamonga, and meringue. Many different instruments are used in salsa including: the guiro, maracas, bongos, timbale’s, conga drums, slaves, a cowbell, a bass, a horn section, and singers, including backup and a lead.

Furthermore, Salsa encompasses a broad range of musical genres, instrumental ambitions and culture influences, ranging from Cuban (son mouton), Puerco Rican (bomb and plane), Dominican (meringue). Salsa has definitely made Puerco Rich famous in the world of international music. RELIGION Religion is defined as a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

I was born and raise catholic and Vie been taught to believe in God who provided for me. I know that my life would be different if I didn’t believe in the power of God and how He gets me through everything rough path in my life. If I didn’t have the faith that God is always with me through every step in my life, I don’t know what I would do. How Does Religion Impact our Lives? Absolutely believe that religion affects every area of our lives. Religion set the foundation for values, what you believe causes the way you act in society.

Some religion set boundaries on what people eat and how the dress to how they relate to others. I remember doing bible studies with a group of Jehovah witnesses and one ay we were talking about God and religion. I told them even though I was catholic I still believe in the power of God because every time I pray God and make my requests to him, he always answers my prayers. Most of the time, what I asked for Mould come in a different way but it is always to answer my prayers and they told me that I wasn’t talking to God because I was catholic.

Some religious groups are extremists who only believe that their religion is the only religion that God listens to. Furthermore, religion can impact and do interfere with our lives and also in education, politic and health. Human rights: The status of women, currently & throughout history According to the Oman Rights division organization, despite great strides made by the international Omen’s rights movement over many years, women and girls around the world are still married as children or trafficked into forced labor and sex slavery.

They are refused access to education and political participation, and some are trapped in conflicts where rape is perpetrated as a weapon of war. Around the world, deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth are needlessly high, and women are prevented from making deeply personal choices in their private lives. I understand that pro-life and all but it should also be the person’s decision whether they want an abortion or not. It should not be left to a third party to make a decision about what they should or shouldn’t do with their body.

Bottom line surrounding this controversial topic that seems to divide us as Christians is that we most first and foremost realize that we are not the ones that will sit in Judgment when the day come when all of us will have to face the Lord. This is a situation between the person and God, nobody else. People should really mind their own business. Most of the ones acting holier than thou have heir own skeleton in their closet. Ere Passion of the Christ – Movie Critique Ere Passion of the Christ is a film depicting the last 12 hours of Jesus’ life.

This movie Nas by far the best interpretation of what the bible said happened that last day of Issues’ life. We see Jesus brutally beaten for much of the movie. We hear his flesh tear as he is whipped. We see his blood splatter and drip. The nails are driven through his hands and feet. His side is pierced with a spear. This movie had generated a lot of controversies even before it came out in its portrayal of the Jewish elders who ordered the capture of Jesus and urged Pontoons Pilate to sentence him to death.

As a movie, it’s a respectful and reverent treatment of a story that has probably been more influential than any other in the history of the world. It has moments of great power, extraordinary cinematography, and some stunning images Religion in Puerco Rich Puerco Ricans are predominantly Catholic, yet their beliefs, rituals, and practices often stray outside the orthodox boundaries of Catholicism. Puerco Ricans do not generally differentiate between official Catholicism and their rituals and beliefs and vie little credit to African and Latin American influence on their religion.

In addition to the rich homage paid to saints, as is common throughout Latin America, parts of the island still host beliefs in the evil eye, saints’ miracles, faith healing, and Antiaircraft. Since I have been living in Puerco Rich, I have been attending this little Catholic Church close by my house every Sunday morning. Although the service is in Spanish, they follow the same protocol that I used to get in Haiti. The atmosphere is Olivia and the parishioners make me feel welcome and make me think of home.