A child prodigy Is a person who shows his/her extraordinary ablest In early age. These children usually are very good at different things: however, especially their amazing skills in a certain area make them be prodigies. For example, Abigail Sin, a Singapore young pianist, is also very good at math. Nevertheless, she won in international math competition; Abigail is called a wunderkind because of her unusual musical talent. As other wonders, she discovered her talent at her early age. Afterwards, she constantly practiced playing Plano.

Some people think that Ball ND other wunderkinds are born, while others argue that they are made. I agree with the latest viewpoints because of the reasons, such as results of American researches, prodigies’ opinions about this issue, and examples of wonders with deferent talents. It is not a guarantee that children with IIS above 140 will do something special in the future. Oliver James in his article Family under the microscope (2009) maintained about American researchers that studied four hundred children with high IIS. Their results were surprising.

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Those Intelligent kids did not do anything exceptional In their later life. Furthermore, some of them also did not get high marks on exams. The reason is their laziness or inability to develop own talents. Another eloquent testimony to my words is A. R. Sense’s book, Bias in Mental Testing, 1980, p. 1 13, which states, “Beyond IQ 1 15, the IQ level becomes relatively unimportant in terms of ordinary occupational aspirations and criteria of success. ” Afterwards, the author explained that It is not significant whether a person have IQ up to 150 or IQ up to 180.

A person will have achievements or not depends on his/her personality and character. Grady Towers also had his mathematical experiments. The results were unexpected: “The very highest level of real world accomplishment is not made by those with the very highest level IIS. Those with the very highest level IIS tend to have real world achievements Just below the very highest levels. ” (Grady Towers, 1 999, IQ and real world success) Prodigies also said that they put a lot of time, investments, and forces to have such a high results. For example, Abigail Sin practiced Plano at least twenty-five hours per week.

Julian Lager, who Is now twenty- five years old, remembered that from age of five she just woke up, eat, played guitar and then went to bed. She spent all the time for playing guitar. The other prodigy Rasa Thomas, who was very good at dancing, said that he had to spend a huge amount of time and millions of dollars to invest on his training. Geraldine Affair a great operatic artist, who was also called a prodigy, said that there are a lot of talented people with voices salary to her; however she made a success because worked very hard.

Karri Small is the youngest surgeon, who by the age of seven performed his first operation. Afterwards, he was on the verge of discovering a cure for cancer. Karri Small said that he accomplished those things because read a lot ND had a habit of practicing and discovering new thing in medicine at least one hour per day. Only wonders know exactly about the way of getting their abilities. Most of them say that they were born with talents Like other people; however, they of my opponents will argue that there are some prodigies who born with their aptitudes.

They may give an example of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who composed by the age of five. However, my opponents cannot argue with me in aspect of his family background. His father Leopold Mozart was also a famous musician and composer. Knolling Mozart was born in the atmosphere of classical music. His father from his early age taught him playing piano. When Wolfgang showed his outstanding talents, Leopold gave up composing and spent all the time to teach his son not only music, but also languages and academic subjects.

He did everything in his power in order to Improve Wolfgang skills. Unguent NCO Truing Son is another example of a prodigy No opens his talents thanks to his parents. By the years of three, Truing Son Matched how his parents were playing chess. Afterwards, he practiced everyday in order to become a genius in chess. Nobody knows what would happen to him if he did not grow up in a family where chess is a favorite game. Nevertheless, some people think that these wunderkinds was born with talents, it is a fact that they were born in families where their abilities could be improved.

Furthermore, those parents make efforts in order to help their wonders. In conclusion, prodigies are people “ho discovered their abilities in childhood. However, they would not have such a high achievements if did not worked constantly on self-improvement. This statement Nas proved by American researchers and psychologists, which concluded that high IQ does not guarantees big achievements in life. The vital factor is character and rationalist of a child. Furthermore, wonders also admitted that they spent all the time for practicing and developing their skills.