Wed Antonio Saltier Antonio Saltier is a songwriter who composed classical music mostly in the 18th century. Antonio Saltier was born on August 18, 1750 in the little Italian town of Legato, which was part of the Venetian territory (While). Saltier was always into music even at an early age. He would listen to his brother play, who was a very good violinist, and was always anxious to hear him play at mass or at town events. “Misfortune soon struck the Saltier family with Notation’s father and mother dying teens the years 1763 and 1765” (While).

Saltier then went on to live with and learn from people like his brother at first, then Mongol, Peppiest, and most Important Ferdinand Pacing. Ferdinand landed a part In an opera called Achilles In school, which was held in Venice. “Pacing happened to mention the talented youth he was currently teaching. Gamesman took quite an Interest to the young Saltier as he was very Impressed with his singing and piano playing. He Insisted that he take Antonio back to Vienna with him as his pupil in composition. So began Galleries career in Vienna where he would spend the rest of his life” (While par. ). “In 1788, Saltier became court music director, and he retained the post following the death of Joseph II in 1790” (Cummings par. 5). The next couple of years. [Saltier did not explore new directions in his operatic style. Thus falling out of fashion,] as a result he fell out of style and was forgotten of (Cummings par. 5). He wrote no more compositions after 1804 but he became a mentor and taught many students including Ludwig Van Beethoven, Antonio Kashmir Cartwheel, Franz List, Franz Schubert, and many more.

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There are a lot of articles out there in the world that talk about the jealous Saltier on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. There are theories out there on how Mozart death. People say that Saltier was the reason Mozart was put in so much misery, which was what the movie Amadeus was about. And there Is also another theory saying that Saltier had so much Jealousy that he went as far as poisoning Mozart. “And Saltier the poisoned? Sadly for those who like a good conspiracy theory, there’s no evidence that e was any such thing” (Jell par. 2).

Now that we can check mark death by poison off the list we can focus on If Saltier really did torment Mozart to his death. Remember from the movie that we watched In class Amadeus, soon after Mozart father passed away, Saltier saw this as a perfect opportunity to get in Mozart mind and mess with his emotions. By dressing up as a masked man his father used to wear, Saltier would show up In front of Mozart doorstep in the late nights and ask him to compose a song for him after his death. So Mozart works tirelessly day and night, getting little to no sleep.

With no real hard facts or evidence to support any of this, all that’s left is pure speculation and hoping that one day we will find out what really happened. Arias and ensembles, 340+ songs, 6 concertos, 3 symphonies, 6 ballets, 7 serenades, 5 masses, 1 requiem mass, 100+ other religious works” (While par. 18). After doing research on Antonio Saltier, I found that a lot of people back then really talked down to the music Saltier composed in his later years, and people forget about his early Norms.

I find that Saltier, even if he was the one held responsible for Mozart death, I think Saltier to me was a good man. After reading on his many accomplishments not only on composing music but also his efforts in giving back to the youth and teaching his ways, Saltier has earned my respect. When I say he was the father composer of his time, he really was because of the number of successful pupils Saltier had. I enjoyed reading about Antonio Saltier and hope to find out if his involvement with the death of Mozart is true.