Amadeus is armorial set In the noble class, and doesn’t do the best Job portraying the poor side of life. For the nobles of course living conditions are fine, constant overindulgence and pleasure. The dress is very extravagant, very colorful and very thick and layered. The primary source of entertainment shown in the movie is music, seemingly more operas than anything else. Most likely because Operas provided the most entertainment at the time; a play set to a score of music.

The mall character is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, played by Tom Hulled. In the movie Mozart Is portrayed as a very immature, childish adult; yet unbelievably creative and talented. Towards the end of the movie he becomes more psychotic that immature; constantly drinking and rambling about things that make no sense. He has pretty much lost all sense of sanity and his health by the time of his death. Antonio Saltier has a very major role in Amadeus, the whole story is told through his eyes. The character is played by F. Murray Abraham.

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He is an extremely vindictive character, throughout the whole movie he Is trying to sabotage Mozart. Even on his death bed confessing his guilt, as he Is telling the story he seems to lose his sense of guilt and looks back on his experience as If It were still caused by Mozart, and not of is own doing. He begins his hatred of Mozart when his wife secretly shows his some of his work and he is astonished; ever since that he says “he considered him an enemy. ” He doesn’t believe it’s fair that a person of Mozart personality has all the talent that he does.

However Mozart never sees through his deception and thinks of his as a loyal friend and colleague to the end. Constance Mozart, played by Elizabeth Bridge, Is the wife of Mozart. She Is by far the most sensible in the relationship. Throughout the whole movie she is concerned of Mozart frivolous spending and at some points, refusal to do work that really pays. She is also extremely concerned of Mozart physical and mental well-being. She is also the only one who can stand up to Mozart father for him, calling him lazy and unappreciative.

I was much more fond of the symphony music played by Mozart, although there was not much featured In the movie. I am not a big fan of Opera’s to begin with, so I am a little biased when judging them. I found Don Giovanni and the Opera written alongside Saltier more preferential; there was more substance and feeling in those. The opera Figaro to be extremely boring; apparently so did Joseph II. It was extremely slow with the same dark melody the whole piece. I most enjoyed the first Opera commissioned by Emperor Joseph II. The whole piece was brilliantly put sound like it did.

It reminds me of listening to Jim Hendrix on the guitar, or Bach on the Harpsichord. Mozart was an extremely childish, immature person; yet one of the most talented musicians of all time. Mozart has serious personality issues his whole life; most likely contributing to his mental state was the treatment of him by his father, and the mental torture of Antonio Saltier. Mozart was the cause of his own death; his heavy ranking and extremely unhealthy life style, mixed with the fact that he never saw a doctor was his downfall.

In my opinion, the movie was Just average. It did a very good Job of portraying the real Mozart and blending his music into the story, but I was unimpressed with the acting, particularly with Tom Hulled (Mozart). This movie is highly rated (maybe more for it’s substance), but I found the acting to be Just at par, nothing special. On a side not I have to mention, the laugh of Mozart was so horrible to listen to, it really ruined the movie for me, especially because that’s the last sound heard in the movie.