The film “Amadeus” was remarkable. Everything was perfectly in place, very well- done. Before I watched the film, I was really clueless about Amadeus’ life story. All I know Is that he is a renowned composer. Since he was young, he started building his name In the music industry. I was really amazed that he could compose songs although using any instrument, using only his mind. I also TLD know that a renowned composer laughs that outrageously. For me, his laugh Is somewhat weird In way that’s really different from a normal laugh.

Amadeus was also a married man and has a very cute child but unfortunately their marriage TLD last long because he died at early age. I also found out the he Is a prideful man. There were some boring scenes and also weird ones That I didn’t understand. Like the antagonist ambitious old man who’s telling the story of Amadeus. I really hate him for betraying Amadeus for the sake of himself and his greedy ambition to become famous. He is too ruthless. And I pity Amadeus for believing that ambitious elderly man That he is his friend and companion. He used

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Amadeus’ weakness about his dead father in order for him to finish the song and die after so that old man will own the song and become illustrious like Amadeus. They did a really great Job in portraying the life story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Applause to those people behind the success of the movie, if it isn’t because of them “e will not know who is Amadeus and his composition and vividly visualize history. The movie was well-prepared and I think they spent a lot of money for the reduction. Their costumes were very elegant and expensive. Overall, I love the film.