When you say “trying to find your identity’, you generally mean trying to find where you fit in’, right? This is a challenge for a lot of people as they are lost and believe that have nowhere to go. This is a resemblance of Boot’s life. He’s lost in a world of destruction and harm that not even his family wants him. Boot didn’t get chosen for being a Yowling Man. This makes him Jealous as Lour and Militia get chosen. He Just wants to be someone; be a part of something. He Just gives up too easily and starts harming.

Even though it would be hard to know that you have no future, it would be even harder trying to help someone in finding it when they have no identity. There is always someone trying to resolve the challenges that get thrown at them and others surrounding. Even though they’ve already got problems of their own, they make time to deal with another person’s issues. This is exactly what Lour does. He thinks about others and puts them first. But this is also putting his future of being a Yowling Man in danger.

He is putting his life on hold for Boot. This is not a good thing as he is also feeling pressured by Boot. Lour should be taking more care as he needs to be thinking about his own future; not Just focusing on Bows. He should not be throwing away his reputation and life away as Boot is a bad influence on him. He made Lour and Militia break into the General Store with him, even though he knew it was the wrong thing to do. Having no time to think of what you want to do in the near future would be tough.

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Even tougher than thinking you have it figured out already. Finding your identity meaner taking it step by step, one step at a time, correct? Some people skip the steps and believe that they have figured out who they are and who they want to be too quickly. Militia is one of these people. He wants football and only football as a career path. Even though he may seem to most people that he only thinks of himself, he does think of other people and their feelings too. Militia didn’t want to help out Boot when Lour suggested that they all go to Darwin.

He didn’t want to ruin his future of football. When he agrees to go to Darwin, inside he doesn’t want to be there. He wants to be playing football and making a future out of that. Thankfully he’s more respective than that and he hides his urge to play footy and to be back home. Trying to hide your feelings for your friends is difficult. When you know that you have to be somewhere else rather than being where you are at that moment, you know you’ve Just got to hang in there until the end. Yowling Boy- Essay By McCall 11