As Ship’s Diving Officer, I was responsible for the proper ballasting of the ship in port and at sea and responsible to coordinate all submarine docking and undoing procedures during extended maintenance. As Quality Assurance Officer, I was responsible for ensuring proper standards of maintenance, training and qualification of workers and inspectors for all Level l, SUBSUME and reactor and steam plant cleanliness procedures.

Specific engineering tasks I carried out during my employment include: – Primary supervisor for operation, upkeep and testing of all reactor controls, monitoring and protection equipment for a US Navy pressurized water nuclear actor. I supervised seven technicians in carrying out complex test procedures, corrective and preventative maintenance of reactor controls equipment and developing troubleshooting procedures to address a number of different reactor control and protection system casualties.

Specific engineering tasks I carried out in this position include: * Test plan development and execution for control rod alignment and timing testing; * Test plan development and execution for primary protection instrumentation calibration; * Developed an integrated reactor controls division audit and surveillance program; * Planned and executed 5 year prime allergenic alignment of reactor controls equipment.

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This procedure involves significant mathematical and engineering calculations, precise adjustments to reactor controls equipment and non-standard reactor plant operations at maximum plant output; * Developed an emergent troubleshooting and repair/replacement plan for the successful replacement of a leaking large grade capacitor which provided mission critical pump control capabilities. Nuclear Engineering Plant Watch Supervisor and Nippon Engineering Duty Officer – Responsible for safe operation of the Ana nuclear propulsion plant and all associated auxiliary equipment. This included operations at maximum propulsion, nuclear and propulsion plant casualty response, establishing test procedure and maintenance estate boundaries, and development and execution to quail assurance control maintenance and test procedures.

Specific engineering tasks I carried out in this position include: * Establishing primary safety boundaries for electrical and mechanical component upkeep, repair and replacement; * Evaluating primary and secondary plant chemistry and calculating and approving required chemical additions under varying plant conditions necessary to ensure proper plant hygiene and prevent component corrosion and degradation; * Evaluation of plant parameters and application of complex engineering calculations to establish appropriate measures for safe startup and shutdown of the reactor plant under normal and emergency conditions. Primary supervisor for sonar acoustic division, responsible for the training of on watch sonar operators and the upkeep and maintenance of all sonar and acoustic systems. I supervised 15 operators and technicians in carrying out complex maintenance evolutions and developing and executing troubleshooting procedures to repair mission critical systems and components.

Specific engineering related tasks I carried out in this position include: * Developed quality assurance controlled work procedures for maintenance and repair of SUBSUME, seawater boundary systems; * Developed and executed a 27-day at-sea troubleshooting and repair plan to identify and correct complex electronic system faults that resulted in a loss of more than 50% of on board acoustic sensing and analysis capability while conducting a mission of national importance.

The identification and rectification of multiple power and signal enhancement component failures required detailed and methodical troubleshooting landing skills and the design and implementation of two separate Jumper systems in order to restore mission critical processing capability; * Led the ship’s sound silencing and component noise monitoring teams, supervising sonar division and 12 noise control petty officers in identifying and correcting noise deficiencies throughout the ship as well as in external tanks and components.

In this capacity I was required to apply knowledge of system load requirements, sound silencing equipment specifications and preservation requirements and conduct thorough space and yeses inspections to identify and correct hundreds of noise deficiencies. – Primary supervisor for all Level I and SUBSUME quality assurance repair and maintenance as Ship’s Quality Assurance Officer.

Specific engineering tasks I performed in this position include: * Review and approval of all controlled work packages for repair and overhaul of SUBSUME and Level I components; * Developed rigorous command surveillance and monitoring program to ensure efficacy of controlled work procedures and to identify and correct all issues related to Objective Quality Evidence (JOE) documenting controlled work; * Established safe work mandarins for hydrostatic testing of SUBSUME and Level I components and systems; * Developed training and qualification plan for to ensure compliance with all appropriate Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual standards and regulations by all quality assurance craftsman and supervisors on board. – As Ship’s Diving Officer, I was responsible for the maintenance of ship weights, moment and balance calculations to ensure sate operations while submerging the ship and to ensure safe conduct of import maintenance procedures effecting weight and balance distribution on board. Specific engineering tasks I carried out in this ole include: * Calculating ship’s dive compensation for each initial submergence of the submarine after in port operations.

This involved precise calculations of weight load and distribution changes affecting the ship’s neutral submerged buoyancy during in port and extended surfaced operations. Calculations required detailed knowledge and assessment in changes of equipment and supply load outs, variable tank levels and complex component replacement weight adjustment measurements to ensure proper buoyancy when submerging the submarine after extended in port periods * Primary supervisor for ballasting down evolutions. This included calculating anticipated trim and list changes from large scale and rapid changes in ballast through venting or blowing variable ballast tanks. * Supervising all docking and undoing evolutions as docking officer.