Why do I need a post high school education when I already have a high school diploma? This is a question that I heard many people ask and to answer their question, a high school diploma is not always enough unless you want to work in a fast food restaurant all your life. There are many reasons why a high school education is so important however, I will only discuss three that I think are the most important. My three reasons are: better Jobs, more education, and more opportunities to do anything you like.

First, a post high school education is important because, you get better Jobs to choice from. To begin with, unless you plan on working at McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or any of these places, a high school diploma is worthless because; this is only saying that you have completed the basic of your high school. In order to be in a business where you’re making about a year, you are going to need a Bachelor or Master Degree. Second, a post high school education is important because, you have more education to be a boss running a business.

First of all, when you go in to an interview and only has a high school diploma and a person interviewing after you has a post high school education, most likely the person with the highest degree is going to get the Job first. People in the Job force are looking for experienced and educated people to work for them and get the Job done quicker. Finally, a post high school education is important because, you have many opportunities.

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For example, you have the opportunity to become a business owner, accountant, or anything that is deal with managing huge businesses. I also think that you have opportunities to have a fancy house and car because; with a degree you will be making more than some other workers. In conclusion, I have told you three reasons why I think that a post high school education is important. I think without a degree some people would not be a successful today.