(The Story of a Politician with a God Complex) I also belong to a classification, a classification known as men. But I am not Just a commonplace man, I am a politician. People may refer to me as a senator or with an affiliation off party but I know I am something greater. What am I you may ask? I am a god. I am omniscient to the world’s suffering, able to answer every mortal problem given. At first I thought changing the world could be done in collaboration, but I thought wrong.

I was naive to think that something so insignificant such as teamwork” and companionship was vital to the growth of the world but I have experienced something greater. I have experienced true Justice. Companionship is overrated but I do agree in the sense that somebody needs to support you as you go around cleansing the world. After all, it is an arduous venture. I needed something the world knew as a symbol of comfort, a counterpart to reassure my very existence on this planet. An assistant or maybe a wife who could stay loyal as well as help me purify the world of corruption.

In the year 2020, humans should have continued to evolve as the greatest creatures upon this earth, but we were actually regressing. A rotten world. Law, education, even politics, the very field I had pursued was corrupt. Was there anybody around who could correct this world? Someone has to do it, but not alone. If this someone who should be my benevolent assistant is a wife, they should be able to comprehend my ideology and the logic behind my ideals. I want a wife who sits with me and listens to my opinions about the world.

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Although she should listen, she should also suggest improvements as well. I want a wife who can support me petition-wise as well as endorse me politically. I want a wife who I can trust with secrets. There was once a wife in which was able to listen to me but not able to discuss political matters. She was insignificant to my venture and was tossed aside. I have no need for mortal women, I need a perfect wife by my side in order to help the world prosper exponentially. I want a wife who will take care of me negligently for I too despise a wife who rambles about foolish nonsense.

I too want a wife who will listen to me when I explain a critical point I have come across with my divine inspiration. I also want a wife who can Jot down my brainstormed ideas. I am a superior elite, I cannot waste time recording my ideas. I have other issues to attend to. And I want a wife who can understand contemporary world issues in order to understand why I would need to take an action specifically on that issue. I also want a wife who will take care of the social aspect of my life. When I am invited to elite social gatherings, I want my wife to come.

Judy Brady may want to hire a baby-sitter, but I do need one. I am a divine being. I do not need kids because they ender my objective and slow me down in purifying the world. When my associates come to my home, it is only natural that my wife should discuss matters along with us; she doesn’t need to take care of household duties. She is not one of my maids; she is a divine being as well. Essentially, my wife should be my political double. One who can take care of affairs while I am gone. After all a god is omniscient, and must solve problems around the world.

I have a wife but if by any chance I find a more suited wife then I already currently have, I can easily replace her. Wives can be replaceable if they are not divine because I only require a women of use. What good is a wife if she does not work towards the betterment of mankind? I had many wives in the past but at some point, they could not fulfill all of my requirements. Wives who cannot fulfill my requirements are obsolete to me because they are not divine. I only require a goddess next to me, for I am a god. When I find that wife, I can transcend my current ability.

I can make the world know I am here, that somebody is going to be passing righteous Judgment on them. I will reign over the world next to my lady; after all she is a transcendent being as well. Although a wife is ideal, she is not necessary. I agree with Judy Brady; a wife is someone that can be useful to help around but I have my doubts. My ideal wife is a goddess making her capable to overthrow me. For the good of man, I must reign over the world as I see fit. Perhaps what I have been seeking is not a wife at all but somebody of other relation to me, a mortal. Who knows? Only time can tell if a wife is the right person for me.