Class Agenda July 12, 2013 * Updates & Review (5 miss) * Quiz (1 5 miss) * Lecture (20 miss) * Discussion (20 miss) Objectives At the end of the session, the students must be able to: 1. Differentiate a human being from other living (I. E. , plants and animals) and nonliving creatures (I. E. , machines) 2. Identify the material and spiritual nature of a human being 3. Relate the importance of knowing one’s self with the study of Values Education, and even more so with respect to understanding God’s life

Man is a human person created by and for God. As a human being, he has both material and spiritual dimensions which he has to develop. Likewise, he is also a person who lives with other persons like him whom he has to respect and love. They must help each other in order to achieve their ultimate end. BIG IDEA: Basic Features of a Person 1 . A person is a self, an “l” who possesses an intimacy or inner world. 2. A person tends to and actually manifests his intimacy. 3.

A person is free to manifest his intimacy. 4. A person has the capacity to give. 5. A person has the capacity to dialogue with another intimacy (I. E. , “someone”). 6. A person can “have. ” 7. A person is in time and space. 8. A person has religiosity. PRETERNATURAL GIFTS 1 . Immortality (not dying) 2. Infused knowledge (no need to study) 3. Integrity (not easily tempted by sin) Beyond our nature as human beings The FALL of Mankind Genesis 2:15-17 Values Education By Reassurance’s

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