G. S. Markova The Innovative University of Eurasia, Palomar, Astrakhan The social development of youth is the essential process for the developing country such as Astrakhan. However, nowadays, it is difficult to assert that В«next generationВ» can be considered as the self-sufficient group of people in the state. According to the International Labor Organization approximately a half of the world’s population in age of 24 is unemployed.

According to the Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Astrakhan the unemployed young people (in age from 1 5 to 24) constitutes 5. % of the state’s population, but, it is necessary to notice that this data cannot be reliable because the bigger amount of unemployed people are considered as self-employed which are accounted 48% of the employed population. [1] Recently, in Astrakhan, it became a tendency that most of the young people are employed by their own parent’s as participants of a family business or financially supported by them.

It can be explained by the fact that young specialists are not demanded on the labor market. The main reason for that is the lack of work experience of youth. Three years of work experience is the minimum requirement and the common condition of approximately all companies and factories where salary meets the youth’s needs. Moreover, the world’s economical crisis led to economical declination in companies and factories which is due to the reduction of producing and consequently, to the reduction of workers.

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As the result, employers prefer to have workers with work experience and who are more social stable. Additionally, for employers became indifferent presence of higher education by young employees. Every forth young man with or without the certificate of higher education is unemployed in Astrakhan. Such decrease in economic activity of youth might be commonly explained by increasing accessibility of secondary education.

The reasons inducing young people to make a choice in favor of prolongation of getting higher education are difficulties in finding a Job and uncertainty that acquisition of big volume of knowledge and skills do not rise the chances of successful employment. [2] Youth unemployment in Astrakhan has its own particularities. It has arisen not due to demographic factors as in some developing countries and not as a result of overproduction as in the developed countries and even not as the result of a competition on a labor market with more qualified senior generation that sometimes takes place in modern Astrakhan. 2] The main reason – in the inefficient social and economic policy which main results are manufacture disorder, the termination of financing of many branches of producing, primary reduction of the workplaces providing development of spheres of production of goods in which traditionally were in the lead young (coal, building, fish) was. As one of the positive hanger in social sphere of youth as the economic resource it is necessary to carry occurrence of groups of executives, bankers, small traders who involve young people in trade, intermediary, household serves, also in civil service sector. 3] In order to b dad the scope to ability to be employed tort aluminum’s and giving them the opportunity to acquire experience it will be necessary to make changes in the national policy towards to the social status of youth. Firstly, we need to continue working out of special programs in which vocational training and work alternated in order to assist young people to find the first permanent Job. Nowadays, there are a number of such assistance programmer in Astrakhan. The programmer В«Youth practiceВ» is the most noticeable.

As the result of this programmer in some regions 30% of young people was employed. [4] Particularly, В«Youth practiceВ» is helpful for students with technical specialties. However, the bigger per cent of students who have a training at the civil services was unemployed, but received recommendations and В«prestige experienceВ» assist them to find a Job in lower organizations. So, for ore successful results of such programmer as the В«Youth practiceВ» we need to advance it.

Possibly, the introduction of the measures facilitating transition from study at school (college, university) to work and promoting possibilities of employment at and of vocational training will give the assurance to young people and therefore, to encourage them to choose other specialties than the most popular today: teacher, doctor, lawyer, economist. [4] Secondly, we should to consider such notion as В«freelance JobВ». In many European countries it is developed as the instrument of decreasing the unemployment among youth. To consider young people as freelance workers might be advantageous for both employers and students.

Student as freelance workers can study and work in the same time, also they will be able to get a good experience and knowledge from their employers. Additionally, freelance Job is convenient for young mothers because they can combine their work and childcare. Consequently, a woman can cover a part of families expenditures which is very important for young couple. Surely, that freelance Job cannot be considered as the stable work of the found of the stable income, but it will give an opportunity to young man to demonstrate yourself as a worker also, to receive a work experience and to broad the scope of friends.

Moreover, at the third, our educational system is needed to be newly considered according to present requirements on the labor market. Today, some colleges and universities can offer such specialties as lawyer-economist, manager-economist, engineer- architect, but sometimes such specialties are not available for all students. We need to broad this policy and work at it hardly through researching requirements of labor markets and desires of employers. Additionally, it is necessary to mention the role of developing agriculture in relation to youth.

Most of young people consider agriculture as non-prestige sector for their future. Moreover, the life standards in countryside is lower than in cities which is also not attractive for youth. That is why agricultural specialties are not popular among students. Perhaps, to attract students to agricultural sector will help to the state’s economy and to assist youth to find a stable Job. So, despite of the social and economical improvement in the state the youth unemployed is still the up- date problem which needs solutions.