Our society today afflicted with many problems that young people are becoming juvenile delinquent. The term Juvenile delinquency is a participation in illegal behavior by a minor who falls under a statutory age limit and delinquency is often defined more narrowly in terms of a young person breaking the law. We will examine that delinquency and violent behavior of a young person influence by playing of computer games, many young people nowadays expose to rapid increasing of violent computer games that leads them to addiction, emotional unstable, and lack of social interaction.

This idea came from the theory of social learning theory according to Albert Bandeau that Juveniles learn their behaviors from others with whom they interact in their social environment. Juvenile delinquency and violence may be learned from direct, face to face interaction or through observation of other person. Children learn their behaviors both positive and negative through imitating behavior they observe in others. So it is possible that computer game affects the behavior of a young person through imitating the characters that does her/him playing.

For example a young person learned to shoot a gun by imitating the harasser that she/he saw on the computer games he played. Research showed that the exposure to the computer games produce changes to the people’s attitude and behavior, this is an important detect to the attitude change and that could b effect of aggressive behavior. Video games have provided hours of enjoyment and entertainment for those who own them, in the past few years the video revolution has shown a darker side. Many of these games seem to be little more than exercises in virtual killing.

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In the sass’s, Dry Frederick Hartman, a psychiatrist claims that the urge to kill is unnatural. He insists that through desensitizing, the media have trained children to associate violence and killing with pleasure. The increase of in murder and assault are due largely to violent mass media and especially to violent video games. Juvenile delinquency is one of the major problems of our society, to deal with this, this research design to help the children and parent’s about the trouble and conflict they will face pertaining to their behavior.

This study attempts to inform the society about the consequence that might happen in playing violent imputer games. Statement of the Problem This study on the influence of violent computer games on youth violence and delinquency, specifically research sought to answer the following questions: Could violence in the computer games really cause more beatings, robberies, assaults and murders that have been committed by the children? 2.

Why children are drawn to these forms of entertainment? 3. Could a child who played violent video games can lead into Juvenile delinquency? Methodology Research Design The study utilized the survey approach of research precisely the descriptive method. The said approach is used as much as the principal rationale of the study was to figure out that the violent computer games might influence the children on youth violence and Juvenile delinquency.

Research Method The descriptive method of research was used which is to analyze the perception of the respondents on the impact of violent computer games on the children playing it. In conducting the study, the researcher use survey questionnaire distributed to the respondents. This process of descriptive research goes beyond the mere gathering and tabulation of data. Thus description as often combines with imprison and contrast, analysis and interpretation on data.