Dissemination efforts Communication of affective states Attainment of mutual understanding VALUES donation 3 Management Thinking about thinking Critical Thinking Thinking actively Asking questions about what you see and hear Evaluating, categorizing, and finding relationships SHELLS Destination Management Activities Involved with Critical Thinking Interpreting according to a framework: Describing Relating theory to practice: Analyzing Making a claim and supporting it: Synthesizing Using appropriate evidence: Categorizing Making links between ideas: Establishing cause and effect Asking questions: Comparing and contrasting

Evaluating: Identifying problems and solutions SHELLS Destination Management Graduate Skills Develop Knowledge and Values to operate Responsibly in a Business Context Effective Communication Skills for Diverse and International Business Environments Innovative and Creative with Critical Judgment Socially Responsible and Engaged in their Communities 4 Understanding Assessment Program Learning Objectives Learning Outcomes Course Learning Objectives Assessment Program Learning Objectives Course Learning Objectives lop Knowledge and Values to operate Response Learning Outcomes DID’ in a

Business Context Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the values, policies, structures, and stakeholder groups that impact on destination planning, development and management at national, state, and local levels Understand the relationship between tourism development and the broader strategic planning functions within a destination, and critically evaluate the utility of various development options available within a destination Identify and understand the current issues and trends in destination product development and marketing, and their effects on tourism destinations

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Understand how the concept of experience economy applies to destinations and its impact on the management of tourism products and visitor experiences Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the factors that impact on destination management Tutorial Participation. Mid Semester Exam Group Assignment critically evaluate the utility of various development options available within a destination Identify and critically evaluate the current issues and trends in destination product Individual Assignment Understand now the concept to experience economy applies to destinations and its 6 7 Assessment – Attendance

Tutorial Participation ( You must attend ALL tutorials Participation Productive discussion & contribution Case Studies Readings Assessment – Mid-Term Exam(30%) All material covered in weeks 1 -6 45 Multiple Choice Questions Saturday April 20th. Assessment – Assignment Draft Review(10%) peer Review Failure to submit will attract zero grade Tutor’s Review Final decision of grade 8 Assessment – Individual Assignment(35%) Word Limit: 3000 words (+1- 10%) Due Date: 29th October 5:00 pm, Semester 2, 2013 Rationale: This assessment task is designed to encourage students to develop research, writing and critical thinking skills.

The primary competencies addressed are communication, literacy, problem solving, critical evaluation, and innovation skills. See your learning@griffth site and download your assignment tasks Assessment – Group Assignment(15%) Presentation 3 minutes In tutorials Week 13 Clear Message!! Groups of 3 or 4 only! Prescribed Text 9 Tutorial Format Interactive Discussions Case Studies Links to your Assessments Lecture Format Links to your Assignment Research Focused Destinations are amalgams. Destinations are cultural appraisals.

Destinations are inseparable: that is, tourism is produced where it is consumed. Destinations are used not Just by tourists but also by many other groups. SHELLS Destination Management 10 Destinations as Amalgams Attractions act to pull the visitor to the destination Amenities include accommodation, food and beverage outlets, entertainment, retailing and other services Access includes both local transport around the destination and access to and from the destination Ancillary services come in the form of local organizations SHELLS Destination Management SHELLS Sustainable Tourism Complimentary????

Destinations as Cultural Appraisals Authenticity Trends The tourism experience SHALL Destination Management SHELLS Sustainable Tourism Destinations – Inseparability The nexus of consumption and production Seasonality Use it or lose it! 11 Destinations – Multiple Uses Coastal Rural Day Visitors Host Communities Conflict or Complimentary? SHALL Destination Management SHELLS Sustainable Tourism Sustainable Destination Management Carrying capacity: Sustainable Physical Psychological Biological Social Destination Management Development planning Marketing Management Strategic Planning The adoption of a long-term perspective; The development of a logistic and integrated plan which controls the process of change through the formation of goals; A formalized decision process focused on the deployment of resources, which commit the destination to a future course of action; and The political process at the destination is critical to success.

Sustainable Planning Assess potential Consultation Investment Marketing Research Target Market Mix and planning Visits and yield Management Protect resource Quality experience Sustainable growth Planning Competitive Tourism