In the poem a summer poem by Sam Hunt on childhood the important setting is a forest where his friends use to play in when they were little. The aim that the author is trying to make us think about is the memories of our childhood and was recalling his special moment. The poet wants to share his experience with us by recalling his own childhood and recalls both the fear and Joy of childhood..

Hunt uses techniques such as repetition, rhyme which creates a sense of sinister, dangerous mystery, alliteration which creates a rhythm reminiscent of a child hood song, metaphor, hyperbole to explore through reminiscence the fears, the Joys and freedom of childhood. In the first stanza the speaker recalls how they use to never build their huts in macrocosm trees. He describes their fears “where wet’s and those birds would peck your eyes out lived” when they were younger. In the second stanza the persona describes that they built instead of in the pines, hoisting ropes from limb to limb.

The poem concludes with a description of one of his friends who was king for he whole next week meaning describing him a royal person to other people but to them he is. The innocent fears of childhood are presented through the description of setting in the opening. The persona explains the significant settings in the poem a summer poem are the dark mysterious forests of the poet’s childhood. Hunt uses personification; this is shown in the line “the brooding darkness’. This is important as so the reader can visualize in their head what it looks like and recreates the fear of childhood.

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Setting is used to recreate the Joys and thrills in the second stanza. Hunts choice of words and alliteration creates imagery in the mind of the reader of the setting: ‘sun and the smell of gum. ‘ This is significant as the soft ‘s’ sound romanticists the memory of childhood. In conclusion, the setting is important in A Summer poem as Sam hunt explains the meaning of childhood: fun and memories. He made me think about how much fun I had as a little kid and recalling my own special moment as well. He is trying to make us all think about our very own special moments.