A short story I wrote back in the 6th grade. Only constructive criticism, please. Dear Owen, That was a rough Journey! Even making my way back to the hotel room alone was hard. For a moment I knew I wasn’t being able to breathe. I can’t believe God had kept me alive for this. Our last meeting, a blessing! The night sky is gazing at me. The starlit sky, the most beautiful one I’d ever seen. It was the last twilit sky that I will never be alive to see again. Ah.. God’s creation. I never really thought about it that way. God has blessed us with so many wonderful wings.

He gave us all we could ever wish for. And today he has fulfilled my last wish. The night sky led me into a flashback of the past. I remember the day I met you. Ten years ago, I came to this island with my friends for a holiday. It was one night at a bonfire party at the beach, we were all dancing around the fire, and you were there, sitting on the log and playing the bass. I was already crushing on you, and I knew you liked me too! Remember you followed me back to this hotel room that night? You asked me to be your girl. You said it was love at first sight!

My friends said that I was stupid to fall for all your wonderful charms. But did I care? Focuses not. They didn’t really matter to me anymore, ‘coos then I had you. Everything, everyday after that day felt like a dream. My life was a consecration to you. Four years later, we were married and you told me that you had to go to China for one week for business purposes. Two weeks had passed but I received no word from you. I thought the company held you back for some reason. I was also as stupid to think that you’d surprise me by showing up all of a sudden.

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Days passed by, some of which seemed never-ending. I was already a half-dead person then. Sitting on the window seat, waiting for you to walk up the porch, come running to me and hug me tightly. That feeling filled my heart with warm delight. But it never happened. I was dumbfounded- I couldn’t find any explanations as to why you did that to me, so I tried to make myself believe that you must have had a reason. That it was my fault, and you left me because of something I did- never would I have anticipated that you would leave me for another woman. I cited to move on with my life with a broken heart.

A few years later, however, I received a letter from you saying that you were sorry for what you did and you still loved me. It was unexpected; I thought I would never hear from you again. You asked me to meet you the following year on the island where we first met. I didn’t know whether I could trust you with my heart again, but I thought it was worth a try. I was eager for that day to come, eager to see you again, and to be in your arms, because even though you betrayed me and crushed my heart there was not an ounce f doubt in my heart that you would do it again.

I was weak for you. Thank god you didn’t disappoint me, and now you wont even have the chance to. I say this because, last year, while I was at work, I and a seizure. I was torched to bed-rest tort six months in order to recover. A few months later I found out that I have cancer. Now you know why I wasn’t delighted when you told me I had lost a massive amount of weight. It meaner that bit by bit my health is deteriorating. Im sorry for keeping this a secret, love. The moon reminds me of your face. Always taunting and teasing me but still so very sweet.

The twilight is indeed beautiful. But now the sky is pitch dark. A few faraway stars are twinkling, and it’s reflected upon the ocean. There were two stars close to each other, twinkling bright. It reminded me of us, how happy we were. The sky was like a good dose of medicine. It healed me in the inside but I could barely keep looking at it. But I am trying to keep my eyes open. Tallest as long as it takes to finish writing this letter. I have a feeling that if I let go, I might never be able to get back again. My time on this earth is short.

You know it now. The oxygen tank is a trustworthy friend, supplying me with fresh 02 when my lungs can’t provide. The wheelchair is also something I could lean on when I need support. The sky is still peaceful, Owen. But now I feel like I can’t take it anymore. The pain. It feels like something is ripping out my heart. Truly unbearable. It is too much for me to handle. The sky is beautiful but it is still black. Like a black hole, waiting to suck me into it. I feel like it is pulling me. Some certain magnetism. Something which gravity couldn’t control.

The stars are my only hope but they too are beginning to fade. And my grasp on this pen is loosening up. I cannot force myself anymore. I have to let go. I must get ready for my final departure. The ants’ trail across this desk I write upon ended a while back, and my life too, shall come to an end. Hearing you say my name one last time would have been nice. But I have had enough. Im sorry if this time you are the one who feels cheated. If you are still reading this Just know that I have the energy to write a few more words; “l love you, I always have, and will. ” Chloe.