Drawing Parallels The main character, Gregory, in the book Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is portrayed as a Christ-like figure before and after his transformation into a cockroach. Like Christ, he was selfless, carried the burden of many, and suffered greatly for others. Gorge’s metamorphosis into a cockroach parallels Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice of giving his life in order for others to gain purpose for their lives. Gregory was a man who lived with his parent’s and sister. He was the only one in the family who worked and solely provided for his family.

What he didn’t know was that his parent’s lied to him about not having enough money to pay off their debt in order to live well and still be indolent. Gregory sacrificed himself like Christ did before the metamorphosis took place. He worked tirelessly to pay off his parent’s debt as a traveling salesman. Both his parent’s didn’t work and neither did his 17 year old little sister. He was the only one who provided for them. Even though he was old enough to move out and start a family of his own, he wasn’t allowed to because he lived with his family and wanted o take care of his family before he left.

Like Christ he gave up everything for his family and the people he loved. He never married nor had children as well. His occupation also resembled Christ in a way of always traveling from place to place trying to share with the people his message/product. He was kind and loyal to everyone including the people he worked for in the company. His loyalty was evident because he never missed a day of work nor was late and always took his work home with him reviewing and studying his materials in the evening.

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He truly had no social life because he spent all his time striving to be the best salesman in order to provide a comfortable life for his family. Gregory did not pity himself because he was too focused on taking care of his parent’s whom he believed to be unable to provide for themselves and his little sister whom he cherished by trying to give her a life of luxury by sending her to a music conservatory. Jesus was completely giving of all his time and knowledge to all who would listen and worked tirelessly to help others gain eternal life through truth and love.

After the metamorphosis occurred he became helpless and had to rely on his family to live Just as Christ when he was carrying the cross he needed the Samaritan to assist him. Gregory also felt shunned and isolated in his room. Similarly Jesus Christ was shunned for calming to be the son of God and isolated himself for long periods of time to pray. Jesus also had no belongings and relied on others to feed and care for him Just like Gregory, who had very little to his name and was taken care of and fed y his sister because there was no other way to get food.

Another parallel we can draw between Jesus and Gregory was their immense suffering by wounds sustained by people who didn’t understand. “Forgive them father for they know not what they do. ” (New American Standard Bible) Gorge’s family learned that they were able to take care of themselves and so Gorge’s mission in life was accomplished as he provided for his family until they could provide for themselves. This fulfillment allowed Gregory to die in peace.

Jesus on the other hand, ultimately gave his life after teaching his toddlers the way to eternal elite. Just as God gave himself a human figure, while keeping the spirit and mind of God, Gregory changed into a cockroach while maintaining his human mind and soul. “True the others no longer understood what he said even though it sounded clear enough to him. ” (Kafka 8) Gregory and Jesus had many similarities and one can draw many parallels between our lord and savior Jesus Christ and a humble salesman living in an apartment named Gregory.