Racial said that even some of women are fighting for a change from which Philippines is govern by Spanish friars. These women are seeking for freedom of thoughts. They are whom can’t kneeled down in any Spaniards, namely Emilie Ignition. She is the one who are not kneeling down for the name of priest, hind’ Asia nightcap. Every individual gave the freedom. No one can Judge the doing or thoughts of anyone Just or unjust order. Man created by God will not deceived by his fellow man especially by name of priest. Wisdom comes when people do mercy with God.

It is said that relying on others own Judgment is not merely a man’s attitude or behavior. Man who depending on the superiority of people for the whim of oneself is self service principle. Also, explains the life of the young people in the next generation. It would perfectly molded by mothers who can perfectly teach her child for trustfulness and maturity. If all Filipino mothers will teach their children, no one seems will go under the government of Spaniards. Education must be learned first in home for which mothers teach her children.

Describes the government of Spanish who is thinking more than God, for they who taking money in indigent people back then, but blessed are those people who are feeding the hungry people and who are ire thugs of the executioners. We are all born in equal state of life, either high class or low class. We are created for having the same life given by God. No one would be indigent nor will rich because it is God’s who deliver us from this land. Racial wants to point out this, that anyone will treat same as the others and living without the priest false sermons.

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Let us think about our motherland before our self. Also, giving enough education by mother to her children is one of the greatest armed that would be given for fighting what’s the right of people living for their country. Through this we can voice out our suffering. THE INDOLENCE OF FILIPINO This writing of Racial explains why Filipino inclined their laziness. In the time of Racial when en delete trot deterrent places abroad, he’d come trot the though NT that no Filipino is indolence, it is their response for where they have been and whom for they have working.

Who people would go to work for money, which is taking by other people or to which they working with?! For who would go to work with very high intense of heat from which the places had only two seasons. For who would be go to work while other people are watching over you and some are happy leisured their time and effort from nonsense doing. This how Racial pentagonal all the Filipino at LATA Eng tinning Eng bang alai as MGM Filipino as Philippians. MY RETREAT This was about the time before Racial execution in Adaptation.

Racial reminisced the time when his life started with his family in Acclaim, the moments together with his siblings. He describes the time of making of his life. He emphasized his feeling before his life ends in that time. He giving thanks for God in everything he had and he do with no regrets. Then, he prayed that someday for the mother land will get the liberality that he is fighting for, also in all Filipinos who are under the Spanish overspent. He believes that this time, his part is made by giving his life in country. He marries J.

Bracken before his execution had been done. And he do this part because for making his life same as the other people who is living in a simple life but wishing without the Spanish colonial. As in short, he describe his life until one day the country will get her freedom in the hands of Spaniards. This writing of Racial emphasized the future of the country after hundred years. He mentioned the circumstances Filipino encounter during Spanish colony. One of this as the priests who are using the name of God for sermons for their own sake.

Also, the militaries that oppressing all people and so they are afraid and lack of confidence to fight for their rights. All the traditions and culture are diminished because Spanish laws and culture are over with it. On the other idea, Racial also mentioned the progress of Philippines in the hands of Spanish colonial. Can Spaniards fulfill the needs of the Filipinos? Or only for the Spanish people do they have care?! If do they so, there would be no Filipino revolution, and nothing had been died for getting the redeem they need.

If they do also giving care and filling the needs of Filipino people, nothing would perish and no one would contrast them. For the Filipino having revolution Spaniards hinders the needs of Filipino. They always think that all Filipino are ignorant. They always do things that are against from us. Years after Racal’s execution, his prophecy came true as the Spanish-American happened in 1898. By that time the Philippines Independence was establish, but its inauguration by Gondola was September 19, 1898 that the Philippines Independence Day would be June 12.