The Development of Scientific Management BY 51067685 With the development of scientific management, technology, and productive power, the products concerning the metal Magnesium have been developed in a diversified way involving MGM particle, MGM alloys, MGM powder, MGM ingot, MGM stick, MGM sacrificial anode and high performance sacrificial anode etc. The metal MGM, 2/3 density of the metal Aluminum, is one of the lightest metals. The potential application of the metal MGM is of great importance especially under today’s situation that energy has been greatly lacked of and environmental protection greatly emphasized.

Having rich deposits under the earth, the metal MGM is of very good qualities like high anti-seismic capability, anti-corrosive capability and intensity etc. , which makes it possible being the basic material for alloy industry and thereby wins itself great attention in the application of the national defense industry. MGM is easy to burn and give strong light in the air. MGM powder is used as the raw material of combustion and lighting bomb for defense. The metal MGM of national standard is not only sold well in domestic market but also exported to Japan, USA, Germany, India, Taiwan and Honking.

In the international market, more than 80 tons of MGM has been used in the disorientation of steel and iron each year. China is the main country in producing steel and iron, and it has been predicted by experts that China needs 300,000?500,000 tons of MGM for industrial processing from now on to the year 2005. The consumption of the metal MGM has increased with an average rate of 6. 6% each year during asses. Additionally, 109,000 tons of MGM has been consumed in making various foundry products used in automobiles, motorcycles, and electric crust etc.

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Some spare parts that can be fitted o automobiles like wheel hub, instrument board, chair frame, gear box, direction system, cylinder, air inlet tube and brake pedal frame have been put into use in a wild areas. The consumption of the alloy MGM in automobile-making industry will account for 14% among the total amount of MGM consumption in the following seven to eight years. After the China’s entry into the WTFO, the market can see a very bright future for the MGM products since the major object in the antiquating proposal issued by the U. S. ND the EX. is MGM ingot, whereas there is no requirement on the intensively-processed products. Some key enterprises in China are at the beginning stage in processing the metal MGM, therefore this is the right opportunity for their development. MGM processing is referred to as the promising industry by the experts in the 21st Century. At present, two major raw materials that can be used to produce the metal MGM have been found rich in Equinox City, Shania Province, China. They are dolomite ore and silicon iron. The local dolomite ore has a very good quality with the utilization rate being higher than 96%.

Nearby the company there are several rockroses producing silicon iron and rich dolomite ore deposit, which can not only guarantee the supply for producing the metal MGM but also reduce the cost of raw materials purchasing in an effective way. The funds that have been gathered up by the company will be mainly used in: 1. Plant construction and equipment purchase in order to keep pace with the market development; 2. Setting up the Central Institute for the purpose of market expansion and scientific research; 3 Setting up the sales network; 4. Developing new products, promoting technologies and improving the old product system.