The ass hanging out high in High School Okay my freshman to senior years in school, hell I barely remember High School. I was not a dumb kid Just board with school. I never could wait until the end of the day when school let out maybe because I enjoyed smoking weed more. A lot of times I would cut class, depending on what class it was. I knew I could pass the class even if I wasn’t there 100 % of the time so towards the latter part of the school day I would slip right on out of school to hang out. We would also get high before school would start hell.

We would be in home room high off of some weed, marijuana, or whatever you want to call it- while they called attendance. It would help the day go by easier, so we thought. One thing I did know it made us happier. Riding public transit was a bitchy especially in the winter time it was too cold to be standing on the corner waiting on a city bus. Being a teenager having a good time in High School you get a thing called driving fever. In those years we would drive any kind of car- a friend, a relatives, even stolen cars.

We did not care we Just wanted to drive trying to impress he ladies and have transportation back and forth to school. Now back to cutting class on those days when nobody had a car to drive we would cut class and catch the subway downtown to Time Square getting high all the way and Just to hang out on 42nd street or in Central Park. Sometimes we would get bored and head up to Harlem 14th and score some blow, cocaine if we had enough funds. Back then in the ass cocaine was pretty cheap and easy to get. It was a blast and out of all of that getting high and hanging out we still managed to get to class and finish school.

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So after four years of hanging out high in school, I still managed to finish and graduate High School. Boy I could not wait to get out of school. I was very lucky to make it out of school in the ass not hooked on drugs, ending up in prison or worse dead. I knew I liked drugs a little too much, so I decided to Join the Army after a High School it would get me off the streets and away from drugs. When I entered into the Army it was a totally different world than the one I left on the streets of New York. It opened my eyes and I knew then I was never coming back to stay but that is another story to be told.