Subset Well Intervention Services Increasing Operational Efficiency Welted@ has a proven record of optimizing intervention efficiency and is dedicated to shifting operators away from heavy well interventions such as coiled tubing (CT) and snubbing towards lighter interventions. While those traditional methods require the use of a derrick, Well Tractor@ conveyed methods are light weight and efficient in both manipulation and operations due to the hireling solution that enables for more operations to be performed more frequently. Welter’s Light Well Intervention Services

As a part of our continued development to meet the demands for interventions in subset wells, Welted@ now includes complete subset intervention services to our existing portfolio. This establishes Welted@ as a complete service provider with the ability to provide integrated solutions to the benefit of our clients. As shown below, one of our major clients, Stallholder, has since 1996 implemented a strategy of moving from heavy interventions to light weight tractor related interventions, which has increased their operational scope.

One problem the industry faces with subset wells is that recovery factors are much less compared to recovery from platform wells. A major contributing factor is the low frequency of interventions performed on subset wells. Light well interventions are important for subset operators to realize the full potential from their subset fields. These operations are becoming more routine but there are increasing challenges and demands on technology as the water depths increase.

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To reduce the overall risks, new technology and improved operational efficiency are required to meet the ambitions for light well interventions. 2008 RILL Snubbing/RASA Coiled Tubing 2 3 Deployment Options for Subset Services There are three classes of vessels from which to perform subset intervention work: 1 . Resellers Light Well Intervention (RILL) vessel 2. Heavy intervention vessel with lightweight high pressure riser system 3. Semi-submersible rig hull type Traditionally, expensive semi-submersibles have been used to do interventions and completions in subset wells.

With the RILL system, these operations can now be performed from a Light Well Intervention vessel in a more cost and time effective way. This will allow more frequent interventions which will improve recovery factors for subset fields, while also reducing the carbon footprint. Welted@ does not provide the vessels but we enable this migration to lighter well interventions by using lighter conveyance and mechanical services to accomplish many of the same tasks that heavy interventions perform.

Welted@ solutions are mostly electric hireling conveyed which offers many benefits: Faster and more cost efficient operations Surface readout data collection for diagnostics of well conditions Less people on board and less equipment to mobile No surface pumping and fluids handling equipment to deal with Generic Resellers Light Well Intervention vessel 4 5 Demanding Environments ARQ u I r e Rob us t Too Is Welter’s subset well intervention services are designed to withstand hostile well environments around the world.

Operating specifications 25,000 SSI working pressure O – 4000 F temperature rating 10,000 Ft water depth* Compatible with horizontal and conventional EXT Variety of hireling operations Technology development plan with the operator Compatible with any length and size of lubricator Typical applications Data gathering (PLOT) Perforating/re-perforation Zone isolation (plug/straddle) Inspection/repair/installation of insert DASH Milling of short call bridges Camera runs: visual or x-ray Scale treatments (IIS) Selective tracer injection or sampling Change-out of gas lift valves Sleeve operations – DISCS valves * Interventions at this water depth are possible, but have not yet been achieved 6 7 Integrated Solutions At Welltec@, we are well recognized as the world’s leading provider of precision robotics. We can now provide the following range of services from our portfolio that can be provided either as a Welted@ standalone service or as a part of an alliance: Mechanical hireling services (slicking & braided line) Fishing operations Plug/packer setting and retrieval

E-line services (mono & multi conductors) Cased hole logging services Tubing/pipe inspection and repair Perforating Plug/packer setting and retrieval Well Tractor@ & associated services Scale and metal milling Shifting sliding sleeves and valves Sand/debris clean out Production enhancement services Crown plug pulling Downhill snubbing capability Swaging of deformed tubing/pipe Nipple profile milling Fishing with DO snubbing unit Installing and pulling plugs, straddles and patches 8 9 Value Proposition Welted@ has a strong interest in minimizing well intervention cost and is working to haft from heavy well intervention operations towards lighter and more efficient methods. While coiled tubing and snubbing require the use of semi submersibles, Well Tractor@ conveyed subset interventions can be performed from a vessel of opportunity. Our ambition is to reduce operating cost and increase production output by developing and qualifying new technologies for subset well intervention operations, which can be run independently to drilling rigs. Apart from reducing intervention costs, we create substantial return on investment (ROI) for our clients by increasing their production, revenue and prolonging the reducing lives of their wells and reservoirs.

We provide reliable services that add value to our clients’ businesses through our field proven cutting edge technologies. Our dedication to certainty of execution and desire to move towards lightweight interventions are particularly important in subset wells where the operational and logistical challenges are higher. As illustrated by the graph below, operators can generate millions of dollars in value creation when applying Welter’s hireling equipment. We conduct our services with the highest consideration for the environment and trivet to increase our business performance through excellent HOSE awareness. Thus, we are able to mobile for a Job in a matter of hours along with a small crew of experienced field engineers.