Expenses (MOE) will be gradually phased out as announced by ACHED Manila. A provision of R. A. 292 of Section 4 states that any income generated by the University or College aside from tuition fees and other charges, as well as from the operation of auxiliary services and land grants, shall be retained by he university or college, and may be disbursed by the Board of Regents/Trustees for instruction, research, extension, or other programs/projects (Novo, 2000) Surging del Sure State University (STUDS) being a venue for convenient training session in different fields like agriculture, vocational and fishery, professional education, information technology, research and other trade crafts, SIP would enable the faculty and staff of SUCH with working abilities to become productive members of the school as well as, the students to earn while learning (Unified Manual of Operation for SIP of CAPS, 2008). What then are income generating projects?

Income generating projects or SIP is a program that aims to optimize and promote the use of the school’s under/untilled resources by assisting technically and financially viable income-generating activities in order to support and further enhance it’s primary function of serving quality education to its students. In short, the primary reasons for the establishment of SIP in SUCH are summarized as follows: Strengthen instruction, research and extension tensions to S s SIP provide facilities and technologies necessary for the hands-on projects serve as “silent legman” of the SUCH and powerful tools in disseminating technologies. Generate additional income for the school to enable flexibility in financial management and attain fiscal autonomy. Provide venues for faculty and staff members to hone their business acumen and augment their income. Provide model projects that students may replicate after graduation.

Serve as vital contribution of SUCH to countryside development through the production of quality planting materials and other products accessible to low-income families. Provide the institution the opportunity to maximize the utilization of its human and non-human resources (Unified Manual of operation for of caps, 2008). This study came very timely when CAPS has Just created a new organizational structure involving the office of the Auxiliary Services in which the in-charge is given the task to plan and to implement income generating projects which is believed to be a potent factor of helping the school augment its limited income. It has been four (4) years since SIP has been personalized at CAPS.

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It is within this context that the researcher thought of conducting a study on the business operations of the income generating project where it focused on the personnel management, reduction management, financial management and marketing management in order to assess whether the business operations meet the target expected from them and/or if they did not, necessary changes and project modifications may be implemented to improve their operation. The result of this study is hoped to establish intervention program for the operations. On the basis of the findings, recommendations will be offered. Statement of the problem This study assessed the business operation of Income Generating Projects of Surging del Sure State University. Findings shall serve as basis in formulating intervention scheme. 1. What is the business profile of Income Generating Projects as to: 1. 1 type of business; 1. 2 capitalization; 1. 3 number of years of existence; 1. 4 location? 2. What is the level of assessment of the business operations of SIP in terms of: 2. 1 personnel management; 2. Production management; 2. 3 financial management; 2. 4 marketing management? 3. What are the problems encountered along the business operation of the SIP? 4. Is there a significant difference in the business operation of the ‘Gasp with respect to the business profile? 5. Is there a significant difference on the problems encountered in the business operation of the ‘Gasp with respect to profile variables? 6. Based on the result, what intervention program may be proposed? Significance to the Study The findings of this study would be significant to the business operations of income-generating projects particularly in Surging del Sure State University.

The pattern that could be established as a result of this study would also be useful in pre-determining the possible problems that would be encountered in the course of operating similar organizational setups. II. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The study used a descriptive design employing survey technique. This was deemed appropriate because the study described and analyzed existing conditions and the operations that were going on. Specifically, the study focused on the business operation of income generating projects in terms of personnel management, production management, financial management and marketing management. Instruments Used The researcher of the study used a validated researcher-made questionnaire as the main tool of the investigation.

The questionnaire asked for the assessment of the business operation of SIP in terms of personnel management, production management, financial management and marketing management. These also contained questions on the problems commonly encountered in the operation as far as the stated variables are concerned. Validation of the instrument was done by presenting it to the expert on questionnaire construction. The corrections were reflected in the questionnaires before the administration of the instrument. The instrument was refined by the author-researchers in which each question corresponds to the following scales: Scale Parameter Verbal Quantitative Interpretation Description 4 3 2. 60 – 3. 39 High Often 2 1 . 80 – 2. 59 LOW occasional 1 1. 00- 1. 79 very low seldom 3. 40 – 4. 00 Very High Always