How I would spend my sophomore year. How I would spend my sophomore year is by making sure I keep a b-average and I have perfect attendance. I also want to improve my grades by going to more tutorials and studying harder than what I was doing before. If I could study harder and focus more I could get into a good college of my choice. I want try and experience more things going into my sophomore years and not get in so much trouble. I want to be a

Crime Scene Investigator. The position of C. S. I I want to be in is autopsy surgeon. My sophomore year will be the most important year of my life, because it’s telling me now you are considered a “pre-adult” and need to change to life style if you want to graduate from high school or Just pass the sophomore class year. I think the new year would be a fresh start to me doing better because I would have the better chance of saying “no”.

Looking back on my freshman year, I remember I had a problem with staying focus and constantly asked to be done something so many times. Since I know I only have one more grading cycle I am going to try and bring my grades up so I can have all my credits and become classified as a sophomore. I prefer to get my freshman year out of the way so I don’t have to take eight to ten state exams and freshman classes my sophomore year. That’s how I plan on improving my sophomore year.

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