Somers states that student writers view revision or rewriting differently. Students usually think of revision or rewriting as switching words for better ones, or rephrasing sentences. Somers explains that students who think that way actually are not improving their writing, but are Just replacing their words with similar ones. The students can’t figure out what the huge mistake is on their paper, and decide to not fix it because they do not know how; or someone’s not guiding them.

Somers believe that students are enable to fix how repetitive they are in an essay because they cannot hear it. If they were able to hear their essays out loud, then they will be able to notice it. The main reason why most students cannot revise their essays or make changes to them is because they see it in their own way. To them, the essay seems perfectly fine, so without being open-minded to other views, students cannot improve their writing. My revision process relates to many of the student writers’ stories in Summer’s article. Somers state that most student writers believe that revising is almost the same as rewording or rephrasing.

Most of my revision process is me rewording or rephrasing my sentences/words. I always try to see if there’s a word that could have a fancier looking word replace it, or change the sentence around so that it sounds or looks better. I also agree with her opinion on repetition for student writers. I never really notice that I’m repeating sentences or words unless I read it at least a few times, or read it out loud by myself. Other than that, the rest of the process I try to see if I’m missing important points in my essay or if I’m including sentences that don’t necessarily need to be there.

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In addition, I believe that the reason I revise is because I’m forced to because my teachers required me to make changes as a part of my grade. If I wasn’t required to do so, then I would Just hand in my paper unedited. I believe that in the second section of Summer’s article “Revision Strategies of Experienced Adult Writers”, would be completely different than that of the one about student writers. I think that it’ll state how the experienced adult writers would be able to have some type of strategy that helps them think outside of the box, and look at the essay in different perspectives.

I predict that Somers will tell the audience owe experienced adult writers are able to find that “large mistake” in their essay and fix it. As for the rewording part, I think that adult writers would do the same, but not make that as a major part of their revision process. I think that experienced adult writers would be able to focus more on the missing and unneeded information in an essay. Basically, I feel like whatever the student writers have trouble with the adult writers are able to overcome that easily; and if student writers are able to do something, then the adult writers are able to do that better. Somers’ Article By panderers